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I’m in New Hampshire visiting family, and when I’m in New Hampshire, I really need a place to work. A place where I can do my Facebook Lives, my coaching sessions, and just really catch up and unwind. I found this really cool little coffee shop. Now it’s in the middle of a downtown depressed town, and I’m filming this daily growth hack right there from my car because it’s so loud outside with all the trucks outside. But this little place is a gem.

It’s bright pink inside. It’s got a stage. It had fantastic coffee and a great selection of teas, and you never would have guessed it was here. Now the way I found this is using an app that I’ve used many, many times before. If you’re a digital nomad or you’re on your way to living the author of your own story lifestyle where you want to work from everywhere, and you just want to find a cool place to work from, I highly recommend this tip. Check out the Work From App.

Now you can go to the website to actually access the app. They have it both for Android and the iPhone. Now I have no affiliation with this company or this app, although I wish I did. I really, really enjoyed it. It allowed me to find this little gem, and it shows me that it has outlets so I know I can stay a little longer if I want to. Also, it tells me about the connection speed. Now the connection speeds were off, but this is still a great little find.

So if you are working from the road, or you’re a digital nomad, or you’re entering that lifestyle, and you’re working for a cool, hip place to work from check out the app, and you want to check that out today. That’s it for me today. Just a quick tip as I’m on the road, but I hope you’re doing great, and I hope you’re living the author of your own story lifestyle. As always go to where you can get more tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your email inbox. That’s it. Have a great day, and I’ll talk to you later!

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