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Imagine that you just went out and invested in a million-dollar Thoroughbred. A racehorse of supreme quality. Now when you take this horse home, are you going to go to the stable and feed this horse junk food? Are you going to push this horse beyond its breaking point causing injury, causing fatigue? Are you going to allow this thoroughbred to stay up late, are you going to keep it up really late and wake it up early in the morning so it gets sleep deprived? Are you going to treat this horse poorly? Of course, you’re not.

You’ve made a solid investment. Not only that, but this is a beautiful animal that you probably love and cherish. You’re going to treat it with respect. You’re going to feed this million dollar race horse with the finest foods. You’re going to make sure that it’s eating really well and optimally trained. You’re going to make sure its body is worked out on a regular basis, but not pushing it too hard, but pushing it harder each time so it continues to get better. You’re going to make sure this million dollar race horse actually gets that quality sleep it needs, and you’re probably going to make sure it gets the love and respect it deserves.

So step back, you know that you’re worth way more than a million dollars. Your health, your wellness, your relationships in your life. Then why is it that we feed ourselves junk food on a continuous basis? You know your body is worth more than a million dollars. Why is it that we stay up later than we should watching TV and filling our minds with junk food? You know that you’re worth it. Why is it that in your relationships you beat them down or you ignore them all together, and in your business. Are you treating your business as if it was a million dollar thoroughbred? If this is your business you should be growing it, it’s your job, it’s your duty to your family. It’s your duty to the rest of the world that you’re bringing value to. To show up every single day.

I ask you this, in your five to thrive, your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships and your business, where are you not treating these areas as a million-dollar thoroughbred? As a million-dollar investment into you, you’re worth it, and I want you to have that.

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