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So when I’m talking about modeling, what I want you to think about are those times in your life when you’ve found yourself modeling somebody else. You see, often times we have these subconscious actions, or things that we do, in our daily lives that are a result of modeling something we took from a parent, a sibling, a coworker or usually somebody early on, even a teacher.

Now to give you an idea of what this is like, there has to be a time in your life, if you’re like me, where you’re like, “Oh crap, I’m growing up just to be like my dad.” Or, “Ah shoot, my mom used to do that.” These are subconscious modeling behaviors or things that you’ve learned along your way by dealing with your parents. Now we all have hundreds, if not thousands of these types of patterns.

So what I wanted you to do today is write down these patterns that you’re noticing. Are you making sarcastic jokes like your father does? Are you noticing that you clear your throat like your mom? Where are these subconscious patterns? A lot of these patterns are running the show and only show up when they’re really in exaggerated amounts.

Now that you’ve written these patterns out, that are occurring subconsciously, the cool thing is you can actually have patterns and make them conscious. So what I mean by that is you can pick role models, or ways of being that you want, and then pattern a model after those people. So for example, you could find somebody who really embodies your health and wellness, the health and wellness of the body you want, and pattern them, see what they’re doing and model what they’re doing and make it your own. You can also find relationships, maybe you’re married and your relationship isn’t working out well, find couples who’s relationships are working well and model their behaviors. Model what they’re doing. So, for me as a husband, I would find another husband who’s doing a great job, who’s got a great marriage, maybe he’s a great father, find out what he’s doing right, what are his thought patterns, what are his belief systems? I would then model myself after those and make sure they fit for me and then see how I can make those work.

So what I’m going to encourage you to do today is two things. One – go ahead and write down in your journal all these subconscious patterns that you know are occurring. So again, these are the times where you think, “Crap, I’m growing up just to be like my brother.” Or, “Ah shoot, my sister says this just the same way.” Go ahead and write those down. Once you look at those, see which of those patterns you want to keep but also note which ones you want to change about yourself.

Now go to the other side and look at your 5 to thrive, so it’s mind, body, soul, relationships, and business and look at patterns that you want to have and people that embody that ideal pattern. Who are those people that you can model yourself after?

Now in our Author Of Your Own Story group, there’s a guy named David Rachford who had a great saying and what he said is, “You know what, what I do is I model my patterns of the ideal me, so when I catch myself working at my optimum in my 5 to thrive, I model myself after my optimal self.” Also a great tactic. Find out what works for you, I encourage you to go over to The Author Of Your Own Story Facebook group and share your results, we’re happy to work with you there.

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