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I just got off a client call with a client of mine in the UK and we’re talking about 2017 versus where we started from, which was actually at the beginning February of 2017, to where he is today and where he is today in all areas of his life, not just his business, although that’s originally why he hired me.

When we were talking, one of the things he said is, “Doug, I am just a totally different man. I show up as a totally different husband, a totally different father, a totally different friend and a person in my community, a totally different businessman and a leader inside my own company. I’ve taken the reins and controlled them. In fact, when I look back at my journals, my writings when we first started, I’m just a different person altogether.” Now, I think that’s amazing and hopefully, all of us are different people. We’ve all grown, grown in a positive way. Life is throwing things at us and we’ve taken them in stride.

What I asked him to do or what I suggested he do is something that I just recommend you try on in this instance. Try on actually naming your former self. If you feel you’ve made a big transition in life, name the former you so, in this case, the 2017 version of him. You can do the same thing.

He picked a funny name. He picked a name that really made sense to him. He called it Wheely. The reason he called it Wheely the former him is because he felt like he was all over the place spinning his wheels constantly, not getting anywhere. Yet, he had the tools, the education. He had an MBA from a very renowned school. He was known in his community to be a very staunch business person. But, underneath it all, Wheely, his 2017 former self, was out of control, was drinking excessively, was doing drugs just to numb the pain in his life and the holes he was trying to fill. His business was moving forward but not the capacity that he could actually serve it at. His relationships were hallowed. He lost contacts with most of his friends. Does this sound familiar to some of you?

He also was having what he felt like he said … His words were “I was sleeping next to my wife, yet we were miles apart from each other.” How many of us have had that experience whether it’d be one night or months? Or, if like Wheely, it actually was six months for him until he was actually able to turn that around and reignite passion to his life.

What I had Wheely of 2017 do, is I had him rename his current self and he decided to call it his name 2.0, the new version of himself. I won’t give his name out but you get the idea. Now, take this a step further. What I like you to do is rename yourself, your 2017 former self. Give it a name. Give it a funny name, whatever you want to do. You can call it Doug 1.0 or whatever you want and then name yourself today, Doug 2.0 for example. But you can call it anything. I’ve had clients call themselves King, Thor, all kinds of names. Very creative depending on who they were and their own personalities as they really came out.

Now, also what you want to do is look back. Excuse me. Not even look back. But when you’re doing actions today, when you’re faced with a drama or something that’s coming up, maybe you have anxiety going through, ask yourself: is this Wheely or Doug 2.0? Who actually should be taking the reins here?

Now, if you’re in a conflict. Let’s say you’re in a business situation and the pressure is high and you’ve got deadlines to meet, you start to get stressed. Maybe you’re snapping out on your team. You’re on chat. You’re on the phone. You’re sending text messages and it’s just stressful. It’s a stressful situation. What I want you to do is take a quick pause and say, “Who am I being right now? In my power, am I being Wheely or am I being Doug 2.0?” Then that clarity right there gives you the option of following the Doug 2.0 method which is actually, hey, let’s take a couple of deep breaths. Maybe meditate for five minutes and just really clear yourself and know what is important. What’s my 80-20 here? Where can I actually move the needle the most which is putting 20% of the efforts in? This gives you the power, the power to drive yourself towards the author of your own story.

Now, I use this with my clients. We do a much deeper dive of course on this but this short, simple tip can really affect and help you move. What I’m going to ask you to do as your own coach is grab your journal and write out 2017, how would you name yourself? What would you give yourself, the former you? Yeah, you’ve changed. Maybe you feel like you’re in the same place and I understand. I’ve been there, too. We’ve had life experiences. You’ve had things happen to you and for you throughout the 2017 year. Let’s name that former you and let’s move forward. What do you want? What do you want to call you today? Is that a hero that you’ve seen in a movie or read about? Is it a comic? Is it just your name 2.0? What is it for you? Make it easy but make it something that’s inspiring. That way you can ask yourself throughout this year and throughout today who are you being in this exact moment. This gives you control.

Just like an actor or somebody, if I tell you to stand up straight, put out your chest, take nice deep diaphragmic breaths, you get more power, confidence, and energy just by doing that physiological change. Conversely, if you get tense shoulders, shallow breathing, you can get depressed quickly. We don’t want that. We want the shoulders back, confident you. That is the same thing you can do in the psychology and physiology by naming this former you to the current or future you and living like that person. If you start to act or be like that person, that’s what you put out into the world and that’s who you become. It’s just repetitive. It’s just the way it works. It’s the new you.

I invite you to do this. Grab your journal. Name the 2017 version of you. Name the 2018 or present-day version of you and the person that you’re going to become. Then ask yourself throughout the day who are you acting more like. Then you can have the opportunity to choose the path that better suits you.

That’s it for me today. If you like conversations like this and you want to go deeper, make sure you get over to the Author of Your Own Story University page and make sure you get on that waitlist. It is epic growth and that’s what I want for you. My mantra for 2018 is epic growth and adventure and I want you to come on that journey with me and I want to be on the journey with you.

Also, share this with at least three people, three people that you know want to have this conversation. Just by you sharing this with them, you’re giving them a little gift. You’re saying, “Hey, I heard this. This guy was talking, this crazy guy, and he suggested there might be something interesting for you.” This will actually spur greater conversations within you and your world, and that’s what I want for you is constant, continual growth whether you’re in the Author of Your Own Story University or you’re just in our private Facebook group or simply just listening to this and doing the work. I really hope you’re doing the work because that’s how the magic happens. That’s the ingredient. That’s the secret sauce. You don’t bake a cake by putting flour in the oven first and then taking it out and mixing the eggs. No, there’s a recipe and I want to give you the recipe that I’ve learned over decades with mentors and coaches through the Author of Your Own Story University.

Also, go out and just inspire someone by being yourself. Be your 2.0 today and I guarantee people around you will notice and will inspire them and give them the freedom to step into their own power. Have a great day. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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