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When I say the outside world can’t control you, what do I mean? Well, how often do you hear someone complaining about something outside? You know, “My work is stressful, it’s overwhelming me.” Or “My husband or my wife frustrates me.” Or “My business partner drives me nuts.” I hear this all the time as a coach, but also just as a friend of so many people who reach out to me.

You know, if my friends are talking to me and they’re going into complaining mode, I just listen. But when a coaching client does it I nip it right in the bud. And what I do is I talk to them. Look, the outside world can’t control you, it’s the way that you view the outside world.

So I don’t know about you, but I know it’s true for me, that oftentimes when I’m feeling frustrated about something going on, it’s really something inside, I’m allowing it to control me. And now when I’m at my highest level, I don’t allow other people or outside resources to change my state, I’m centered within who I am, and what I’m about, and what I’m doing.

So work doesn’t stress me out, my wife, my child, my friends, my family don’t stress me out or frustrate me, because that’s all my internal, right? Those are external things that I’m allowing into me, and I’m translating them through a lens that I’ve produced.

So, this is true for me and it’s been a true experience for me in the journey that I’ve experienced, that when I’m actually centered within myself, I’m confident in who I am, the outside world seems to almost disappear. It doesn’t affect me the way that it seems to affect other people. Jobs, things happening don’t stress me out. If my car was to break down, I don’t get angry because the car broke down because really you’re not getting angry the car, the car doesn’t care. My work doesn’t care that it’s overwhelming me, that’s outside stuff. It’s all fake, and things that I put onto myself.

It’s me, my expectations, my unmet expectations regarding the car, or my spouse, or frustrations with work that are really the issue here. So what I invite you to do today is grab your journal and write out your five to thrive. In what area are you feeling frustrated, overwhelm, or allowing external sources to actually dictate how you are feeling and seeing the world?

I want you to write that down, and you’ve discovered that I’m wondering hmm, where else? So what happens in one area of our five to thrive tends to bleed into other areas. Once you’ve identified that, it’s now time to take action and realize that’s an external force, that you’re allowing to create a different world, probably a different world than you want to live in. And so now you get to change, it’s as simple as that, quick pivot. Once you recognize and get clarity, you can make a change, and you can make change quickly.

That’s it from me today, as always go to, where you get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your inbox. If you haven’t signed up for the waiting list for the Author of Your Own Story University, I highly recommend doing that right now. It’s an intensive program that’s specifically designed to allow you to take your life from where it is today, to a whole nother level with deep dives and subjects, each and every month.

I won’t get into all the details, you can go over there and read about that, and see if that’s a good fit for you, I’m sure it is. Go out and inspire someone by living an epic life, and living the Author of Your Own Story way, because that is just so unusual unfortunately these days, and I want you to have it all. I’ll see you tomorrow, take care.

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