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Here I am in my home office and I was actually just talking to an entrepreneur and we were talking about problems that he’s seeing in his business. He has an MBA and a very analytical mind and is a fantastic business person, in most cases.

He’s seeing these problems that are coming up, problems in his marketplace and problems that I see, frankly, as opportunities. What I had him do is rephrase his problems as opportunities. I said, “What would it be like if, instead if you took the word out, problem, in this particular sentence or scenario as the case may be, and you actually looked at this as an opportunity, an opportunity for growth, an opportunity for your business?” At first, it took him a little bit of time but I had him rewrite those sentences as they would be opportunities and I made him be his own sales person. He had to sell this to himself, as an opportunity.

Now, going through this, we identified the five biggest problems in his marketplace, in his business, and then changed those into opportunities. Suddenly, you just saw a light bulb click in. He said, “Doug, in business school, they teach us how to solve problems. We go right after the problems each and every time but we don’t learn how to look at these as opportunities.” At the end of our conversation, he had five new marketing tactics and five new innovations within his business and what he told me is, he hasn’t had that much innovation in his company in the past decade.

Right here in one phone call, just simply switching problems to opportunities. Now, of course, I had to ask him as I’m going to ask you, where else in relationships, in your mind, in your body, in your soul, are you identifying problems and not seeing them as opportunities? He turned to me and thought for a second and I could see him be a video and he said, “Gosh, that’s interesting. I actually have problems, definitely, in my relationships with my kids and I guess sometimes, with my wife if I think about it correctly and then, oh wow, in my body, I have these problems that I’ve identified where I’m not as good.” He’s a triathlete and not as good in these particular areas.

I asked him, “Where in those areas, can you find opportunities?” He repeated this exact same exercise we did with his business where he took those problems, wrote them out, each of his five to thrive, and then after writing them out, he actually wrote them out as opportunities. Now, he had to put on a salesman’s hat as if he was selling this opportunity because you have to look at that from a slightly different lens. It’s easier for somebody to see it inside of you then it is for you sometimes because you’re so stuck in the weeds.

By writing that as opportunities, you could actually literally see, I’m coaching him via video, you could see light bulbs just flickering in his head and a smile come on his face. Like a Cheshire Cat, he was smiling at this new opportunity that he was all of a sudden seeing. He was seeing opportunities with his children, ways to connect with them that he hadn’t previously thought of. He thought his relationship was dying with his children and with his wife. What he discovered was, the problems that they were having in their marriage were opportunities for him to be a better man and by being a better man, he knew right away, that was going to affect the bottom line in his business, and his relationships as a whole, as well as his fitness.

It all correlates. Your five to thrive were carefully selected. We’ve narrowed it down to five because it’s a holistic representation of you and your life in your path to being the author of your own story. Now, when you have these problems and these problems arise … and I use the word problem often and language does matter and I’m a big fan of that but when you do have actual problems, things that you’re trying to go through, you’re pulling your hair trying to figure that out, look at these as opportunities. Look at these as ways to sell yourself.

In the marketplace, when I used to be a gym owner, what I looked at was problems, problems with fitness coming into our market share, problems that other gym owners, other personal training studios were complaining about and going out of business. I looked at these as opportunities, market opportunities for me to capitalize on. By doing that, I was able to grow my business further than I ever thought I would be able to. That was a long time ago. I do this with my marketing agencies, with businesses that I consult with, with my coaching clients.

I look at the problems we face as opportunities for growth at the very least. What other opportunities can you find within your five to thrive? Of course, what I want you to do is what I always want you to do, I want you to write down your five to thrive and look at each of those categories’ problems that you had. What have you been complaining about in your mind, in your body? What are problems that you’re facing? Now look at these as opportunities, what can you find? What are the diamonds in the rough, the nuggets that you can pull out of that?

Now obviously, my coaching clients are all business owners so it’s easy for me to go directly right to business. They’re very logical people and they go right there. If you’re one of those people, list your top five problems in your business right now. Five problems in your marketplace. Five things that you’re facing. Maybe it’s employees. Maybe it’s HR. Maybe it’s marketing. Maybe it’s sales. Maybe it’s development. Maybe it’s innovation. I’m not sure. What are your five top problems you’re facing?

Now, how can you turn those problems into opportunities? Opportunities for growth, opportunities for development, opportunities for innovation. Where can you find these within your problems and turn them into opportunities, which then turns them into possibilities and that just gives you that expansion? That allows you to write a new chapter in your life, in each category so you can become the author of your own story.

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These conversations no longer become five-minute conversations, they become 20 to 50-minute conversations where we can deep dive. We give you homework, worksheets. It is the best program that I could possibly come up with and I think you’re really going to like it. I would go over there right now and get on that waitlist. If you’ve been on the waitlist in the past and you weren’t able to get in, let us know. You have to resign-up, I’m sorry but you have to re-get on that wait list for this session. Also, always know, you could always go out and inspire someone else just by simply being the author of your own story.

I can’t tell you how many emails and messages I get from you listening to this that are on your own path, you’re forging your own way and your life and I’m so proud of you and how many people you are inspiring as they look at you going towards the author of your own story lifestyle. I’m so proud of you. Keep it up. Keep inspiring people. This is how we change the world. That’s it for me today. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have an amazing day.

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