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In the circles I’ve run with – business gets talked about a lot. And oftentimes you’ll hear people talking in social settings about bad ideas, “Hey my cousin had an idea and it was a horrible idea.” “I’ve started a business and it was just a bad idea and that’s why it failed or “I have an idea for a business but I think it might be a bad idea so I’m not going to start it.”

These kinds of conversations come up often and I hear them a lot. What’s really interesting to me is I don’t think there’s a bad idea. I just don’t think there’s a bad business idea. Now, what Imean by that is I can take any business idea you can think of and I can show you someone who is making millions of dollars on that idea. Whether it’s digital, retail, brick and mortar, manufacturing, service-based, you name it. There is somebody out there doing that successfully. And maybe that idea hasn’t been thought of yet.

That is a possibility too. But, with every person I can show you that have been successful, I can show you thousands if not tens of thousands of people and examples of people who have had the exact same idea or a variation of it and have failed miserably. Now, why?Now, it’s not a lack of passion, obviously, when new ideas and businesses start, passion is in abundance. Passion is where it starts. Where they fail is they’re lacking the skills. The critical skills and the resourcefulness.

In a previous daily growth hack, we talked about resourcefulness. Now, when we talk about resourcefulness we’re talking about the ability to utilize your resources. So, if you have an idea, you have the passion, now you make sure you have the skills and toolsets. This is where you go out and you hire mentors, you hire teachers, you take courses. Find somebody who’s already been along that path. Success leaves clues. Failures also leave clues. So as many times as you’re finding people who are successful, sometimes its also paramount to find people that haven’t been successful and find out why. Just ask them.

Often times you’ll ask them several times before you really get the true answer. Now, when you’re looking at your idea, and the reason I’m bringing this up as a daily growth hack is that this is an insight that so many people miss. It’s not your idea that’s wrong, it’s the way you are going about it. What I want you to do is leverage your resourcefulness. leverage your ability to get those tips, tricks, and insights. leverage mentors. You know, I’ve had coaches throughout my business career and I’m going over two decades of working with coaches and I’m always working with somebody else, up leveling them. I coach myself as well.

I also believe that if you are a coach, you should have a coach. You know, you gotta eat what you’re making. Eat your own cookin’ so to speak. When you’re looking at your business idea, and instantly people around you start saying “oh that’s not a good idea”, or “that’s a bad idea”, I want you to think about to yourself that it’s not the idea that’s bad it’s the execution and the resources, and making sure that it’s not only your mind is right but also that you have the tools and tactics to make this go to the finish line, and make sure it happens.

Have a great day and remember – be the Author of Your Own Story.

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