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When you change the way you look at things, the way you look at things actually changes. Now, what do I mean by that? Well, if you’re always a grump person, or if you’re always assuming things are gonna go bad, you start to notice all the bad things in life. All the bad things are happening in your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, your business.

Conversely, if you always expect the best, you’re always looking for the good in people, you see the good in your Five to Thrive as well as all around you. Now, I know this sounds a little abstract to many of you, so let me use an analogy that I use time and time again that really, I think, drive it home. Have you ever found yourself really interested in a car? Now for me, several years ago, it was Sprinter vans. I wanted a 4×4 Sprinter van so I could convert it into my ultimate off-road lifestyle vehicle. Where I could work from, I could play from, and travel the world.

I hadn’t seen any. I saw them online, but never say them around town, or driving around, and that’s what I wanted. Well, soon enough, maybe a couple of days later, I was seeing Sprinter van after Sprinter van. Everywhere I would go, I would notice them, I would see them. Roof racks, ladders out the sides, 4×4 tires, it was so exciting. All of a sudden everybody had a Sprinter van except for me.

Eventually, I bought one, I converted it, and I absolutely love it. But I’ve also had this happen with other things, with other cars that I wanted. I really like Land Rovers, I like the look, I like the fell, I like the way they drive. Next thing you know, everybody’s driving them. I’m seeing them everywhere when originally they were just hard to find.

Were more driving Sprinter vans or were more people driving Land Rovers? No, absolutely not. I changed the way I was looking at things. I actually to started to frame my mind to look for these objects, because that’s what I was focusing on. Now, the same thing can happen to you, right? So, let’s say you’re expecting the world to end, and I had a conversation in Santa Barbara with somebody who was kind of somewhat joking about this. But, everything that they were talking about had a negative twist, had a reason the world was gonna end. You know we had global warming, we have US politics, we have all of these things coming in, and everytime something that was mentioned, even if it was insects, they carried a disease, it was always negative. And you could actually physiologically see this on the person, and it weighing them down.

Conversely, I had a talk with somebody else, and they were so upbeat and they saw the world as expanding, as ever abundant. And when we talked to them they just filled the room with energy. And filled me with energy and love, just a basic conversation. In everything, they saw US politics was changing, and it was great because it was gonna evolve into something better. Yeah, the insects carry diseases, but the insects are pollinating the flowers, which allows us to have food in abundance. They saw it totally differently, and it was just a mindset change.

So, the way that you look at things changes, always, the way that you actually interact with them. So I’m gonna ask you this, grab your journal, right now, write out your Five to Thrive and leave a couple of space. So it’s your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business. Where in each of those sections are you currently viewing something that if you change the way you look at it, you change the paradigm, it’ll actually affect the way that you see things? Effect the way that you react to the world?

So, I’ll give you a couple of examples. Body, right? If you’re always walking around saying I’m tired, or I’m fat, and I’ve shared with you my own dialogue was always being tired. And when I flipped the script on that, telling myself, “I’m not really tired, I have an abundance of energy, if I won the lottery right now, I wouldn’t be taking a nap, I’ll tell you that right now.” Right? So when I changed that, all of a sudden I have all of this energy coming into my life, and I realized, “Wow, everything I’m doing gives me passion and energy.” I can’t look at it the same anymore. It changes the way that I see things.

Where is this happening to you? Are you walking around saying “Jeez, I just can’t workout because I don’t enough time,” or, “I wish I was only five pounds heavier, I’m so fat.” Whatever it is, where can you flip that script, where can you flip your paradigm and see things a little bit differently, that will allow you, give you an advantage or will allow you to better act as the Author of Your Own Story. It’ll create a better system.

Because think about it, right? If you’re walking through the negative thought pattern, or one that’s disempowering, so it’s not empowering you to do your best, you have the opportunity of changing that. That’s a paradigm shift. You have the opportunity to see it differently.

So let’s use global warming as an example. Global warming, obviously horrible. I’m a believer, I think most of you probably are too. This is something that just isn’t good, any way you look at it, right? I go outside, it’s hot, it’s ridiculous. I’ve got fair skin so I get burnt so easily. But there are other ways to look at that. I can focus just on the negative aspects of the weather. But I can also go, “I can go outside and enjoy the beautiful air, the freshness of the mountains,” and not focusing on the negativity of global warming, but focusing on the beauty that’s around me.

And all of a sudden by changing that paradigm and coming up with five things I’m grateful for, for the outdoor environment, just five. If I can do that, it changes my paradigm. It shifts my feelings, right. So when I think about the negativities of global warming, it depresses me. Depresses me. But when I actually think about five things I’m grateful for about being outside, that excites me and empowers me and it gives me more energy that I could apply to more things like the Author of Your Own Story University, or this podcast, or this video that you’re watching. It really depends.

That is just a paradigm shift. I use this every single day in my business. In my business lifestyle, I use this all the time. Things happen in business. Now, it’s the way you perceive them and the way you react to them that makes it completely different. So, what I want you to do is write down your Five to Thrive, write down just disempowering beliefs or disempowering thoughts, or the way that you’re seeing things in your life that might be disempowering you. I want you to write those down, and then write the converse thing. Write the opposite.

So, for example, if it’s I’m fat, then you can also say, “Hey look, you know what, I have an abundance of energy that allows me to keep going.” Or, “I have plenty of muscle that will allow me to do the things I want to do.” There are all kinds of ways to do it. And if you can’t think of something, let’s say you hit soul, that’s a common one that people have blocks around for some reason, but if you can’t think of something think about any complaints that you have in that area. Maybe it’s “I can’t think of anything.”

What are those complaints and then what’s the converse of that? Where do you want that to be, and change that pattern? Start looking at the pattern of what you want it to be, and see things through that lens. Yes, it’s a practice. Are you gonna see it right away? Maybe, maybe not. But if you practice seeing things through that lens over time, just like working out, it becomes a muscle that you can use.

Remember, you’re setting this to be an advantage for you, that’s the goal here. Make it empowering for you rather than disempowering. So empowered thoughts, conversations, but also the way you see the world, especially in your Five to Thrive, will help you better accelerate your journey and becoming the Author of Your Own Story.

That’s it from me today. As always, build your tribe, share this with at least three other people today. Doesn’t have to be the same three people. Share it with them and get conversations going. Conversations that matter, and conversations that are going to allow you to surround yourself with people who are going to continue to empower you.

Have a great a day, and remember, go out and be the Author of Your Own Story.

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