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The ever-changing you. This idea came up when I was having a conversation with a friend who was asking me, “Doug, why do you have a coach? You’ve been coaching people for years at a high level, you’ve been doing personal development since you were in high school, why are you still doing this?”

The reason is, I’m always changing, right? Every time I peel back a layer of my life, peel back the onion so to speak, it exposes something new. I’m changing my thoughts, my patterns, my beliefs. I’m 40 now, so imagine if I was still having the exact same thought patterns I had when I was 18, or when I was 10 years old, or even when I was 35 years old. Every time I change, I learn something new, I digest new information, my life experiences change and they open up my horizons, that change who I am.

There’s a saying that says, “You can’t step in the same river in the same place twice.” If you’re watching this online, you can actually see there’s a river behind me, in a beautiful setting, and if you’re listening to this in your car, or while working out on a podcast, picture me in a forest and I have a river right behind me. If I go back there and I step in that river, take my foot out, and I step again in the same place, it actually has changed. The water molecules are different, the stuff that’s flowing down the river is different. It’s the same thing with your own life.

A lot of us hold on to old patterns and old ways of being unconsciously, we don’t realize this, we don’t realize that actually we’re changing all the time, so your thoughts and belief systems should also be changing. Another thing I’ve heard is a question I got posed to me, and I’m sure this was a philosopher, and I don’t know where it is, but the question was, “if you have a boat, and you take out one board of that boat, and you replace it with a new board because it was rotten or damaged, and eventually over time you’ve replaced all the boards on that boat, is that the same boat?” The answer’s no, it’s a totally new boat, totally different. The same thing happens to you and I, this is why we seek out coaches, mentors, membership groups, and is also why I’m happy to announce that Author of Your Own Story, we’re launching our special private group.

It launches August 1st. Come get more information where you can meet like-minded people like yourself, a guided, mentorship-type environment where people are up-leveling all areas of their lives, their mind, their body, their soul, their relationships, their business.

You will get guided exercises both online and mailed directly to your home, as well as a pre-loaded MP3 Player with thoughts and audio that you can digest by yourself. Look, it’s not for everybody, this is an investment in you and your future, and if you’re not ready to make that investment, that’s fine, we’re all at different places in our lives.

Go over to the Author of Your Own Story Facebook group, it’s a free community, where you can share your ideas and get tips and inspiration from others just like you. We’re all here to be authors of our own story, and I commend you for being here today.

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