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Hey, how are you doing today? What most people will respond is, “I’m doing okay,” or “I’m doing good.” I’m here to tell you, as the Author of Your Own Story, good is the enemy of great. Why? Well, you already know that your physiology affects the way you do things, right? If you’re slumped over, you’re down, it makes you depressed. They’ve done studies that just by putting your shoulders back and smiling for over 30 days can clear depression. Now, how crazy is that? Of course, yeah, you can take drugs, and there are all kinds of things to cure clinical depression, but they did a study, just your body’s physiology.

What’s the physiological difference that you see in somebody that just says, “Hey, how you doing, I’m doing okay,” or “I’m doing good,” versus “I’m doing great!” That person that says that instantly feels great and becomes infectious of all of those around them. This can be applied to all of your five to thrive. How are you doing in your mind? Are you just doing good, or where else can you actually be doing great and raise the bar? Raise it now. Don’t wait. Do it now. Raise it with your energy. Bring more energy and intention to that, and don’t bring good energy, bring great energy. Bring great energy every time. Not only will that pick you up, give you more energy, but it will raise those people around you.

You see, you have a choice. You can change what’s called the triad, right? I learned this from Tony Robbins before, and that’s really changing your state, the things that, your physical being, and also your psychology, and the words coming out of your mouth. He calls it the triad, and that’s not exactly how it goes, but that’s how I currently use it.

And so, with that triad, or with changing your physiology, I’ll come home and I’ll be tired, right? I run five businesses. I do things. I love to be doing an in action, it just fills me up. But at the same time, I have a newborn, right? So it’s easy for me to be like, “Hey, it’s five or six o’clock.” I mean, I have flexible schedule, so I take a lot of time off, too, but it’s five or six o’clock, and I’m just tired. I’ve had all these things happening with the businesses, and we’re launching this thing, and my passion is Author of Your Own Story University, and it’s taken a lot out of me because I want it to be the best program out there. It’s easy for me just to lay down and have my infant son looking at me, like, “Hey, Dad. Oh, you’re tired? Okay.”

Or I can just change, right? I can stand up straight, stand up tall, smile, come up with three things I’m just extremely grateful, and I can walk in there with energy. Nine times out of ten, when I do that, and I come up to my little son, he just starts smiling and giggling. It’s the exact opposite. He can sense it, even at his young age. He’s going to start smiling and giggling, and I start smiling and giggling, and we start playing on the ground, and it’s just great. My energy is just so lifted, and things are great, and that’s a choice that we make, right?

Good is a choice, but so is great. You have people that complain, and they’re not even close to good, so we’ll forget that scenario, because I know you’re not one of them. But if you’re walking around and you’re just saying good … “How are you doing?” “I’m good.” Why not be great? Why not be great, emphasize it, and live into it. Don’t just be like, “Yeah, I’m great.” “I’m great! I’m doing great, things are amazing!” Because think about it: if you’re alive right now, if you are alive, life is good. Life is amazing. If you have the ability to watch these daily growth hacks, or listen to them, depending on how you decide to digest them, you are one of the privileged few in the world, and life is great for you, and there are a lot of people, I would guess millions of people, who would love to trade places with you right now. Life is great.

So remember, whenever you’re doing anything, anything in your five to thrive, or just in your daily life, strive for great. Don’t even strive for great, just be great. Be, do, have. Be, do, have. First you have to be, then you have to do, and then you get. Most people assume that they’re going to get something, which is going to create a feeling inside them that’s going to allow them to be this person, that’s going to allow them to be great. That’s not true. First you have to be great, then you have to do great things. That allows you to have greatness. Greatness in abundance in your life, and that’s what I want to talk about today. That’s what we’re talking about now, I mean. It’s just about being great.

Now, good is the enemy of great, and that’s something … If you’re one of those people that walks around, just like, “Hey, how you doing, Frank?” “Oh, I’m doing okay.” If that’s you, put a poster, put a banner on your computer screen, put something above your bed: Good is the enemy of great. That’s your new mantra. I want you to go out there, and each time someone’s talking to you and asking you how things are going, you’re doing great. You just are. I guarantee you, after 30 days, you’re going to feel better, you’re going to feel great. The work you do is going to be better. Your physiology is going to be better. Your relationships are going to be better. Your business is going to start growing exponentially, whether you’re an intrapreneur or an entrepreneur, everything around you is just going to start to improve, and that is how you become the author of your own story.

What I want you to do is grab your journal, just like we always do, and remember, do the work. Don’t be that person. Don’t be that person that’s good enough to listen to these daily growth hacks. You want to do the work. Start right now. You can go back and do the other ones. We have almost a hundred of these tips. That’s a hundred things that takes you from good to great. Now, doing the work is the difference between someone who’s good enough and someone who’s great. There’s a gap between. That gap is doing the work.

What I want you to do is grab your journal, write down your five to thrive. That’s your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business. I want you to write those down, and write down the areas that you’re just doing good in. When you write that down, I want you to rewrite that whole sentence, and write it down as, “I’m doing great in this area,” and believe it. I want you to embody that. And now, I want you to go out and do great. It’s simple as that.

A quick example: We use business, right? So, as a business owner, I could say, “You know, I’m really good at communicating with my staff. They’re all over the world. I’m really good at keeping them engaged and communicating with them.” So, I write that down. Now I’m going to rewrite that. “You know what? I’m great at communicating with my staff. I’m great at delegating, motivating them, letting them know the company’s vision, where we’re going, transparency with the numbers, our clients. I’m really just great at making sure they have every resource they need, and they know I have their back 24/7. They’re family to me.”

Just saying that just lights me up. It’s a different feeling all together, so I write that down. I write that down, and now that is my new mantra. That’s the new way I do things. That is the way I do things, and it’s the difference between good and great. It’s a small difference, but at the same time, it’s a huge difference, and it’s also the difference between being somebody who’s living life on someone else’s terms, or life on your own terms.

That’s it for me today. As always, go over to, sign up for the newsletter, where you’ll get more tips, tricks, and insights sent right to your inbox to help you bridge that gap from good to great. Go to the Author of Your Own Story community, and share this. And of course, share this three other people. It’s a simple thing to do. Pass this on to three people that you know that you think would benefit from this. Even if it’s just to start a conversation with them, and ask them, “Hey, where do you think I’m just doing good where I could be doing great?” That’s a great way to bridge a conversation to grow yourself, but also bring your tribe in. Build your tribe. Three people is all I’m asking, and it’s an easy task to do, and I hope you do it now.

That’s it for me today. Remember, go out and be the Author of Your Own Story.

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