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Now, where does scarcity come from, and is it always bad? Well, scarcity commonly comes from two angles, right? When we get into a scarcity mindset, we’re either angry, right? We’re angry at somebody, so, “This is mine, and I’m taking this,” because you’re mad. And you get into this scarcity mindset that things are going to go away.

Or it’s fear-driven, right? We’re afraid. As a business owner, I can definitely tell you, there are times that I’ve been in a scarcity mindset, especially around money. When it comes to hitting payroll, or hitting goals, and things of that mindset. Like, “Oh gosh, we’ve got to get after it,” you know? And, things are going down, the sky is falling. And, if you’re a business owner, you get this. If you’re not a business owner, trust me. Your boss feels this way or has felt this way recently. It’s just common.

So now, we know scarcity can be caused by anger or fear, right? And so relationships, that’s another one I hear all the time from my personal coaching clients is, they’re scared that their spouse is cheating on them, or is going to cheat on them. And really what they’re afraid of, they’re afraid they’re not good enough. That’s what it boils down to. We can get into that for other conversations, or a Facebook Live over in our private group, and I’m happy to do that for you, ’cause it’s really a deep dive.

But for the purpose of these short Daily Growth Hacks, and I try to keep them short. Really just think of, every time you are in a mindset of fear, or a mindset of anger. Chances are you’re also in a mindset of scarcity. And we think of scarcity, what’s the opposite? Abundance. And that’s all we really want, is abundance, and prosperity. Abundance going towards our dreams, our goals, the Author of Your Own Story Lifestyle, right? Being the Author of Your Own Story. Your life. Whether it’s a digital nomad, a stay at home mom or dad, or whatever it is. Your journey is your journey. And we want you to be in abundance and prosperity.

But now, “Doug, is scarcity bad?” No. No. Scarcity is not bad. I can tell you that, I don’t know about you, but I know for me that, when I get into scarcity mode a lot of times, I’m scared, it’s kind of like back in my early days. Especially, it’s like, “Oh payroll. Crap, payroll’s due, and how are we going to make it, and clients …” I’m like, “Hey, everything’s great.” But then I grind it out. We hustle, we make it work, and that’s what we do.

There have also been times where you’ve been in scarcity mode where fear, a fear of a loss, or a fear of something going on your life, that’s caused to propel you forward. They often talk about people hitting rock bottom, right? Whether it be alcoholics, or drug addicts, or just in general in life. They hit rock bottom, and then they bounce up, and they become successful. This is a common story, a common thread that you see, and you see on TV, the news, or people you probably know.

Now, one of the common threads with that is, they hit rock bottom, and they get scared. It’s not that, “Oh, I have nowhere to go.” It’s they hit rock bottom, they get a moment of clarity, and they’re in such a scarcity mindset that they propel themselves forward. There’s no way but up, ’cause they’re so afraid of what’s going to happen, and what could happen with them. So, just something to think about. So scarcity is not always bad. But, we want to be a little bit more in the abundance mindset, right? We want to be a little bit more that way, so we can be pulled towards prosperity more. And abundance again, of course, just real quick. Abundance is really about excitement, right? This flip side of fear is really excitement. What’s the difference between fear and excitement? They’re very close to each other.

And so, when you get into excitement, you’re getting into more of an abundance phase. So, remember that. Again, what I want you to do, and I invite you to do, ’cause I know it works for me. Is, grab your journal write out your Five to Thrive. Your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business. And look in those areas. Where are you possibly in a scarcity mindset? We all go in and out of them, right? You could be the best success coach, business coach, whatever. All of us, its human nature to go in and out of scarcity and abundance mindsets.

Now again, like anything else, it’s repetition is the mother of skill and success. And then, this case, prosperity. So, where are you entering that phase, if you are? Then what I want you to do, is think about is, what are you afraid of, or what are you angry about? And then look at the flip side of that coin, right? Are you afraid, what’s the worst thing that could happen, and then, could you get excited about it, and turn that fear or scarcity into excitement, thus abundance and empowerment?

That’s it for me today. As always, go to, sign up for the newsletter. It’s free, simple, and easy. And it guarantees that you get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques delivered right to your inbox, so you can act on them when you want to, but you can always be in the conversation of being the Author of Your Own Story.

And of course, build your tribe by sharing this with three people. It’s an easy thing you can do. Just hit share, share it with three people, and start conversations that matter with people that matter to you. Go out, inspire someone simply by being yourself, living your dreams, and being the Author of Your Own Story. I will see you tomorrow.

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