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Start now. What are you waiting for? Life is short. You have anything that we’ve seen around the world in terms of just natural disasters, let alone manmade catastrophes, and all the other things that come along with just this human condition. Life is short. We’ve had earthquakes, fires, floods, you name it, wars going on around the world. I actually know people who have been killed. I want you to start now. Whatever it is that your story’s about, your Author of Your Own Story Lifestyle, what does that mean to you? Start today.

Here’s what I want you to do. Simple. Grab your journal. Grab your Five to Thrive. What I want you to know, think about, is what if I met you five years from now? Right? What if I see you, we’re friends, right, and I run into you, and I see you at a party, and I say, “Hey, how’s it going? I haven’t seen you in five years. What have you been up to?” Your response is, “Things are great, Doug. Gosh, I can’t wait to tell you,” and then we fill in the gap. What happened to make things so great? Tell me what it is. Five years from now. What is your life like five years from now that makes it so great? Right?

Once you write that down, then what I want to know in your journal, but I want to know, how did you get there? What were the steps necessary, the big steps you did? Was it quitting a job? Was it actually growing within your job, starting a relationship, traveling more, getting your business online so you don’t have to be dependent on a local economy like I did? Right? What are those steps that you needed to take so five years from now, I’m fast-forwarding and I’m asking you this question, and you’re saying, “Doug, life is amazing. It’s the best it’s ever been. Is it everything I’ve ever dreamed of”? Write that down. That’s what I want you to live into. Life is short.

I get all these messages from many of you that watch the videos or listen to the podcast or in the group, and you’re always telling me about how you’re going to start, how this is going to be different. Well, here we are. January is almost over in 2018, and I want more for you. Right? I’m going to be that kind of uncle, so to speak, that’s going to give you that push and that gentle nudge and tell you, “Hey, look. Life is short. You deserve to have it all, and you deserve to have it all now.” Take time to do the work. Right now. Write it down. It is critical that you handwrite this down. You and I, we run into each other at that party, and it’s going to be fun. Right? When we run into each other, because your life is amazing, and I want to hear all about it, and I want you to write out what your life, why it’s so amazing. Get into detail. I want to know everything.

Your Five to Thrive. Remember, that’s a holistic representation of your life. Your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, your business. Why is it so frigging good? It’s amazing, so why is it amazing? Tell me about it. Tell me about it in your writing. Then what I want you to do it, just stop after you’re done with that, shake it out a little bit, and then think about, live into this, and then think about, “How did I get here? What’s my path?” Do you own a home? Do you own several homes? Do, beach homes? Have you traveled the world? Are you married? Do you have kids? What kind of car are you driving? Whatever it is, and I want you to take the first step above and beyond just the journaling and the planning, although to me it’s the most critical part, take that first next step this week. Today, in this moment, I want you to take it immediately and start living the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle.

I’m passionate about it because I’m passionate about you growing. I want you to have a taste of what I’ve been fortunate enough to have a taste for, and I want you to compress the time that it took me to be on this journey. I want you to have it, and I want you to have it all. That’s it for me today. As always, go out. Inspire other people by simply being yourself and being the author of your own story. I’ll see you tomorrow. Take care.

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