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Here I am in a forest, and if you’re watching this on video, you can see that the forest has actually been burned down. It’s a controlled burn. If you’re listening to this, I’m in the middle of a field right now. It’s a controlled burn where they’ve come in and they’ve burnt the whole ground of the forest here.

Why do they do that?

That was the question I got asked as we were hiking through here. The reason they do that is, they take all of the dead foliage from the previous season and they burn it down so it doesn’t build up and accumulate to create a big fire and something that erupts and burns everything down.

Now, this can also happen in your life, right?

Where in your life, in your Five to Thrive, so your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, or your business, are you holding onto old dead debris that really needs to start fresh? Where do you need to start fresh?

What I want you to do right now, grab your journal, or as soon as you get home, if you’re listening to this at the gym or in your car as many of you are, write down your Five to Thrive. At the top of the paper, write down “mind” and below that, “body,” soul,” relationships,” and “business,” and ask yourself “Where are you carrying around dead debris that just needs a fresh start?”

It needs to be cleared out.

When you don’t clear that old debris, it builds up and accumulates in our life, and that’s where you get the huge burn, the huge forest fire, or in your life, that’s when things start to burn down and crumble. I really encourage you to sit down and think about that. Where are you holding onto little things from the past that really just need to be wiped out and start fresh? Because sometimes, that’s the best way. Just like in the forest, a clean start brings beautiful flowers, just like it will in your life.

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