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Earlier this morning, I had a great day. I’ve actually ended up meeting my family later on in the morning, and they were having breakfast, and they were so kind that they ordered me a breakfast burrito. I’m not talking about any breakfast burrito, I’m talking about a delicious breakfast burrito with all the fixings. Yes, it was organic, and it had all this nutrients in it, but it was a breakfast burrito. Let’s not call it what it wasn’t.

Now you see, if you’ve been listening to these daily growth hacks, you probably know, or even following me anywhere online, you probably know that I’ve been on a quest to get back into the best shape of my life, and with that, I’ve been counting my calories. Counting my macronutrients and I know that we can have this big philosophical conversation about the best way of going about this, and I’m happy to do that with you.

My background is in this area, but this is what works for me. Counting calories just keeps in front of mind for me. So this breakfast burrito was going to kill my day, I mean, kill it, you know. I had been up since 4:40 working and getting things done and playing with my son, and I had already eaten, but I wasn’t going to turn this thing down. No way.

To me, food is life, right? Food’s part of life anyway and I just love it and I enjoy it and when I’m breaking bread so to speak with people that I love, like my family, I’m going to do it. They’re visiting, and I absolutely loved it.

Now, I know for many of you, you’re freaking out right now because I know many of you are on a quest for perfection. How do I know this? Because I’ve been in that quest too. Now this isn’t a big quest for me, but I have staff and employees I’ve worked with, I have coaching clients that I’ve worked with, there are thousands of people that I’ve worked with literally, who have been on this quest for perfection.

Now let me know if this sounds true for you. Maybe you have laid out a plan, roadmap. You don’t even try something until you’ve practiced in private so much that even when you try it, you’re going to succeed. You know you’re going to succeed. You like that, and I like that about you. This is this quest for perfection, right? And maybe I’m going to invite you to the possibility that you don’t have to let this quest for perfection stop you from going after the life you’ve always dreamed of, the author of your own story, right?

I had this burrito, and yeah, I was thinking about, I was like, “Oh man,” first of all, how can I even count these calories. Second of all, they’re way over probably my daily calories right here in this burrito and man is it good. And then I started thinking real quick, what can I do? What are my options here?

One is I can not eat the burrito. Sure. I can absolutely do that, but that’s not what I wanted. So what’s another option? Another option for me striving not towards perfection, but just the good, better, best model, which I’m going to invite you to try on, is simply just going, “Hey, I know I can work out again later. I know I can just do some jump rope, I can get on my rowing machine, I have a full weight gym here in my own home, plus I have memberships at two other facilities that I can go to this afternoon, and I can burn those calories.”

Also, the third option is I can say, “This is just my re-feeding day. I’ve been eating clean for most of, in fact, the entire week and this is just my re-feeding day.” And that’s okay too. Use a zig-zag in a diet style approach that I’m going through with your 90 to, well, I’m really 80% for me, you know, caloric restriction and then that other 20% I’m just kind of eating what I want or having some wine with my family because they’re visiting or just in general.

So, what I’m also seeing, and I have many of you that I work with and talk to, and I’m just so blessed, that you don’t want to jump out to your dreams right? Because it’s not perfect yet. The timing’s not perfect, the environment’s not perfect, you’re not perfect, your clothes aren’t perfect, your house isn’t perfect, your office space isn’t perfect, right. You don’t want to display this to the world yet because it’s not perfect. I’m going to invite you, that is an excuse that’s holding you back from truly, truly living and living life.

Today, what I want you to do is grab your journal, write out your five to thrive and where in your five to thrive, if anywhere, are you striving for perfection? Are you not going to that workout? Are you not asking someone out on a date? Are you not actually putting your message out into the world, sharing your gifts with others, simply because it’s not perfect? Are you not sharing these daily growth hacks with three people each and every day? Because it’s not perfect, and what are they going to think of me? And I want to make sure I have a perfect image out there.

If that’s what’s holding you back, that’s always what’s going to hold you back, you’re never going to get there. So, I’m going to invite you to break the chains of perfection and go for it, and let it be perfectly unperfect, or imperfect I should say, and really go for things.

You see, I can always change. I can have a salad tonight. There are all kinds of ways that I can go through it and I probably will. That burrito’s not going to hurt me one bit. Now of course, if I had a breakfast burrito every morning and I did this every meal, yeah, it’s not going to work, but making sure that I’m not just getting held back by perfection and enjoying life as I move towards my journey on my own story, allows me to break free.

I’m going to invite you that my story applies to you as well, in other areas, not just your body. Write those down. Get clarity and open your eyes to areas of your life that you’re striving just for perfection. I hear from so many of you and I’m so thankful that I have that opportunity, so I know this is a common thing. It shows up in different ways, so I totally get it. Get clarity around that and do it. Share this, particular episode right here with three people, just three people, so you can enter into the conversation, it’s a deeper conversation with them and perhaps stir something up for them and give them the assurance that they don’t have to be perfect either, right? None of us have to do it, right? We only judge ourselves and that’s the worse judge in the world, is ourselves.

I want you to break those chains, strive towards your goals and take that first step today. Right here, right now, in this moment, don’t leave this sight of clarity without taking action.

What I want you to do as always, is simply go out, be yourself, strive to be a better person, and move towards your story. Get rid of everybody else’s story about you and the way you should do stuff and live the author of your own story lifestyle.

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