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We all have dreams, and going on the Author of Your Own Story route, many of us have big, big dreams. A lot of times, these dreams have been in the back of our minds for many years. In fact, you may even have a vision board or something else that has your dreams on it. Now let me ask you this, is there a dream or a goal or whatever you wanna call it that you’ve had that you hope to hit, but every year you just keep reinstating that goal?

This is common with New Year’s resolutions. Very few people actually achieve their goals or stick to them. And most people set the same New Year’s resolution year after year, after year, after year, after year, with no real hope of actually hitting their goals. Why? That’s because often times we put this goal or this dream up on a shelf. It’s up there and it starts to collect dust.

We don’t actually put it in our forefront of our mind. We might even think about the how’s, “How am I gonna get to this goal and come up with an engineered plan?” But what we’re not receptive to is actually getting in and acting as if we’ve achieved that goal already. Now, this is common in sports psychology.

You probably have heard the story before that they’ve done tests where they’ve actually had basketball players go in and shoot free throws for an hour a day. Then they had some people actually do nothing, and then they had the third group just sit in the chair and mentally practice the perfect free throw for an hour a day as well.

Now, the difference between the person who actually thought about doing the free throws versus the person actually doing them every day was very, very small. Now the person who obviously didn’t do anything didn’t improve at all. In fact, they actually decreased their performance whereas the other two actually thinking about it, thinking about the action as if you’ve done it successfully versus actually practicing it, almost had the same affect so there as a direct correlation there.

That’s the same with your goals and your dreams. So, for example, if you are dreaming of having your first home and buying a home, and maybe you want a home that’s gonna be, I’ll just say $700,000 and that’s out of your range right now mentally. What you wanna do is start creating pictures, images of that dream home you want. You need to know how much the mortgage is, how much the down payment is, what neighborhood you wanna do. I’d also suggest contacting a realtor or just going onto sites like Zillow or other sites like Trulia and start going to open houses.

Be in the homes that are in that range or above so you get a sense of what it smells like, what it looks like, what it feels. You’re in that moment. And then what’s gonna happen is, you’re subconsciously gonna start to find that you’re gonna be gravitating towards things that are allowing you to achieve these goals.

Now, this is very similar to the analogy I’ve used before. Have you ever actually wanted a car and maybe it is a red Porsche and you don’t see them anywhere. Nobody’s got a red Porsche. You go to the dealer, you look at it, you love it, you’re gonna buy it and next thing you know, everywhere you’re going around town people have red Porsches. There’s another one, there’s another one.

This happened to me when I was billing my Sprinter Adventure Van. I wanted a four by four van and I didn’t see them anywhere. No one had Sprinters I thought. And then all of a sudden I bought one and I see them everywhere. Now, were there always Sprinters there? Absolutely, I just wasn’t triggered in my mind to be looking for that goal or looking for a Sprinter Van. It’s the same thing with the red Porsche or with a house.

Now, your goal could be weight loss. Your goal could be in your spirituality. Your goal could be in your business. What I want you to do is take those goals off the shelf. Just pick one, for now, dust it off, and then I want you to create a vision board in front of you of where you are, and now have pictures of this goal. And I want you to take it a step further. I want you to make this a reality for yourself.

So, don’t just think about it, although that’s key, I want you to step into it. So, using the house analogy again, I want you to actually go to these homes. Go to check them out. Maybe you want your own farm or a ranch. Go to ranches, go to farms. Find out how those people did it. Find out what it’s like to be there. Put yourself in that environment.

Now, this could be also with your business. Maybe you want to 10X growth. What business owner doesn’t want 10X their growth? And you’re $1 million business. Well, going form a $1 million business to a $10 million business is hugely different. It’s a big difference there. You have management issues, you have financial things to consider. What you wanna do is start surrounding yourself with people or business owners who are already at that 10X level. They’ve already done it.

That’s gonna put you in that mindset and it’s gonna open you up to possibilities. You’re gonna start to see a flood of possibilities coming your way over time, that you may not have thought of. So in your master plan you’ve architected, you can just throw that out the window because you don’t care. It’s really about the outcome. The outcome of getting to this goal that you have. Getting to this dream.

The same thing happens to be with being fit. If you’re overweight and you wanna lose weight, what you wanna do is put yourself in an environment with people that are actually losing weight. You go to the gym. You wanna start associating with people that already achieved your goal. That puts your mindset into, that is your new equilibrium. That is the new normal for you.

And studies have proven just with weight loss, that the more you surround yourself with people that are obese, you become obese. The same happens to do with fitness. So, birds of a feather, they flock together. This is what you wanna do with all of your goals. Same with relationships. If you want a healthy marriage or a relationship, surround yourself with other people who have healthy marriages and relationships. Dust these goals off, and really put them in the forefront.

You can also say, “Hey look, 2018 by the end of the year, I wanna be with this particular goal.” Well, I invite you to shorten and compact that. What if you can do it in two months? Has somebody done it? And if they have, open yourself up to that possibility. Open yourself up to that possibility of having that new home, having that dream relationship, diving into your spirituality. Whatever that means to you, and growing your business, 10Xing your business. What could that look like? Certainly people have done it and certainly, you can as well.

That’s it for me today. As always, go to where you can get the latest tips, tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox each and every day. And of course, as always, I request that you go out and be the author of your own story and inspire others to do the same. We only have one life here and you might as well live an epic one.

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