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Now a lot of times when I’m working with somebody or talking in a group, I often hear somebody talk about you know, I want to go to Africa and end hunger there. Or end poverty in Uganda. Or maybe it’s somebody talking about something they want to go to Columbia and put in a program in place. Or clean water wells. Or whatever it may be. And oftentimes, they have this huge goal, and I support them fully. But what they don’t realize is they could start today in their own communities. You can take small steps now at a local level to get your self-started. So maybe it is you want to give back, you want to help the women of the world. Go to a local shelter for women in your local community. Reach out and start there as you’re building this big dream of yours.

You know maybe it’s ending world hunger and you’re working on your advisory board, you’re working on your program and I again, I support you. But also go down to a local shelter and actually help serve food there. Start with hunger in your own backyard as you grow this bigger. You see often times we set these huge goals and they only set us back because they’re so big, they seem enormous and we have to get them right.

Here’s what I trying to tell you is you don’t have to get it right, right now. You can make a difference by starting small. Making small steps. Just like my friend who wants to travel the world and he’s been talking about this for five years. Yet he hasn’t been out to the islands right across the harbor from where I’m standing. You know these small steps will allow you to achieve your goals. It’s momentum. It’s the progress. It’s putting on the running shoes in the morning to help you lose 50 pounds and just taking a walk. It’s the first step of every journey. And I’m here to tell you, you can start today and start in your local community.

Small steps make big impacts over time. Big dreams are great. But they always take small chunks. And it reminds me of that analogy of how do you eat an elephant, right? Kids tell this joke often. It’s one bite at a time. So I’m going to ask you, where in your world, where in your goals do you have a big, huge dream, that you’ve been holding off with because it’s almost unattainable to you. Your subconscious is stopping you, or maybe you’re waiting till next year when the job is right, or when the kids are out of the house or whatever it may be, and where can you start at a micro level right today?

Not tomorrow, but today and take action. And I’m going to invite you to do that. I’m going to invite you to take action with me right at this moment. Get your journal out, write down those goals, look over your goals, write them down and where can you take action in your local community or just even in your own home, and where can you take action today? Remember never leave the place of an insight, the place of an idea happening, without taking immediate action to make something happen right then and there. And I’m asking you to do this now. That’s it for me today. Remember, go out and be the Author of Your Own Story.

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