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I’m running around this river. There’s actually … A couple miles up, there’s a bridge and down the way, there’s another bridge. I’m running this as a loop and it started to remind me of a big lie that I told myself. Not too long ago, in fact, a year ago, we gave birth to our first son, Bodhi. An amazing event. Leading up to that, we had nine months of pregnancy, actually 10 almost, with my wife. During that time, I slowly let myself slip into deconditioning. I played sports at a high level my entire life up until a couple years ago, really. What I started to say is, oh, yeah, yeah. I’ll get back in shape as soon as Bodhi’s born, my son’s born. That’s when I really kick things into high gear. That’s really when things are going to start taking off, because I’ll run with him in the stroller every day and I’ll do this, and I’ll do that. Right now, my wife’s pregnant. She wants to eat this and that and it’s fine. Just a little phase in life.

The big lie I kept telling myself or told myself was I was still in shape and I was still doing well, when all of a sudden I remember one time putting on a pair of dress pants, getting ready to go down and to do a talk to a bunch of business owners who knew me. Most of them knew me. I’d say, a lot of them knew me, and my pants didn’t fit. What? It was ridiculous. It blew me away because the big lie I was telling myself was that I was still in shape. That I’d let myself slip today. Maybe even tomorrow, but I was going to get right back on it. Now, this was just in the area of my fitness, and I don’t know about you, but I can see this happen across my Five to Thrive.

Maybe it’s not fitness for you. Maybe it’s business. Maybe you’ve been lying to yourself saying you’re going to leave your job. Maybe you’ve been saying, “Hey, I have my own business, and someday, I’m going to take a vacation, or someday, I’m going to do what Doug and Erin did and take a month off and drive up to Alaska, or take forever off. Whatever it is for you, and just relax and enjoy life and all it has to offer. Because it’s not that expensive, by the way. I don’t know what it is, but the big lie starts with one thing, a small lie. That small lie is the hook. It’s the hook that catches you and brings you in. That small lie is usually followed up by another small lie, and another one and another one, until it crescendos into a domino-like effect to that big lie. That big lie that we tell ourselves.

Maybe this is the area of relationship. Maybe you have a spouse that drinks too much, and yeah, they came home drunk one night. Then, two nights in a row and two becomes three. Or maybe they’ve been abusive. Or maybe it’s something else in your spirituality. Maybe you don’t believe the philosophy you grew up in, but you said, “That’s okay.” You want to follow the line that everybody else says and you don’t speak up for yourself, and you lie to yourself.

See, the big lies are the lies that we tell ourselves. We have big lies we tell other people, too, come on, but the big, big lie I’m talking about are the lies that you’re telling yourself and the lies that I’m telling myself. What I want you to do is grab your journal. Write out your Five to Thrive. Where in each of those areas, your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business, where are you telling a small lie? Where are you lying to yourself? Where are you not hitting your goals? That’s the first place I always check. If I write down my goals, and I hope you do, then where are you not hitting your goals? There’s a lie in there.

It starts with a small lie. Maybe you’ve already identified the big one, and that’s great. Identify that, and now start telling the truth. Start telling the truth today. You’ll be a better person. You’ll create more energy in this world, and everybody will love you for it, including yourself.

That’s it for me today. Make sure you share this with at least three other people, so you can have conversations that matter to you and build your tribe. Start today, and don’t lie. Don’t even start off with that small lie, because that what crescendos down to a big lie before you know it. Have a great day. I will talk to you tomorrow, and remember, go out and be the Author of Your Own Story.

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