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People often ask me, why do high-end successful business owners and coaches turn to me for coaching? Well, the idea is really simple. We need to always be growing. And so, the conversation revolves, and they say, well Doug, these people are already successful. I know some of your clients. They have a private plane. They have a successful business. Now, not everybody does, right? Some of my clients are actually entrepreneurs just starting out. They’re willing to take the deep dive, but all of them have the same need, the same desire, and that’s growth.

Just like a plant, if you’re not growing, you’re dying. For these people, what they want to know is, what is that next level? What is that next level of growth in their journey, in their mind, in their body, in their soul, in their relationships, their business? We take it a few steps further. We include wealth, growth and also fun because those things are also important too.

What happens is, these people are actually more interested often times, in the person that they’re going to become along that path. Yeah, they’re already successful in business maybe. Right? Those people that are successful in business though, getting to the next level, the only change that they’re looking for, is the man or woman that they’re going to become on that journey. That’s what I help them with. Now, the same thing with your body, right? I work with a lot of coaches, so business owners in the fitness field who have phenomenal bodies. However, they’re always looking for that next level. An example is, I have a coaching client of mine right now who’s diving deep into Wim Hof Method. A phenomenal athlete, great shape, but he’s diving even deeper into his fitness. It’s not because he needs to. It’s because of who he’s going to become and the gifts that he can impart on other people from his journey and what he learns.

Now, you don’t have to be a billionaire, a millionaire, or super successful right now. Whatever station you are in life, you should be on a quest to grow. If you’re listening to these Daily Growth Hacks, you obviously are. You’re obviously on a path. I hope you’re doing the work. I talk about that often, but I’m going to drive it home. Do the simple stuff. Do the exercises that we talk about in these Daily Growth Hacks. This is you and I having a conversation. And yeah, I can’t hear you right now, but you can comment to me. Many of you reach out to me on social media, and we also have a conversation. Constant growth is evident, whether you’re just starting out, you’re a student, you’re a housewife, or you’re just starting out in business, or you run a $100,000,000 corporation. Always the growth is what we go for. The reason we go for growth again is not just to get to the next level. Sometimes stuff is just working really well, but it’s the person we become to get to that next level that is the true journey that’s worth going on.

I ask you today, in your five to thrive, where are you growing? What is your next level? Who are you going to become when you hit that? And then, lets reverse engineer it. Who do you have to become to engineer it? That’s the secret sauce. That’s it for me today and make sure you share this with at least three people so you have conversations that matter. Remember, it’s always been said, you are the product of the five people you spend the most time with, and you and I just spent time together, so go send this out to three more people so you can have conversations that matter. As always, go out and just inspire somebody simply by being the author of your own story. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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