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As the story goes, a high school teacher walked up to the chalkboard and put a dot right in the middle, then turned to her class and said, “What is this?” Well, one kid stood up right away and said, “Obviously, it’s just a chalk mark on a blackboard.” And there were no other responses. The teacher looked at the classroom, and she said, “I’m really surprised at you guys. I’m surprised because I did this exact same exercise, or this question, in front of a group of kindergartners, and they came up with 50 answers.” It’s a squashed bug, it’s a star in the night sky, the answers went over, and over, and over again as their imaginations flew. You know, Picasso said that all children are born artist, and it’s up to us to actually hold on to that imagination as we get older, right?

So how are you, or how am I, not acting like a kid. We get too grown up, right? We have these blueprints we’ve created through time, rules, as I would say. Rules in the way to navigate. And, in fact, when I coach clients we laser focus on what these rules are. We’ve all build them, we just haven’t thought of them as rules, they’re just kind of the way things are in the world, right? You throw and apple up, it’s gonna come right back down. We’ve lost that childlike imagination often, and that doesn’t allow us to see new possibilities.

So if you’re working on something, a project, or something in your own story, how can you be more childlike? How can actually have that look and that outlook, as if you were a kid? Well, one way you can do that is look at the problem in front of you, right? Look at the situation that you’re going through and act as if you were the five year old version of yourself. What would you say if you were looking at this? How would you identify it? You know, having that childlike imagination allows us to navigate the sometimes murky waters that it seems like we have when we’re adults. And so, when you’re looking at your Five to Thrive, right? So your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business. Where in there are you dealing with a situation that for some reason you feel just a little bit stuck, right? You just can’t move forward with this one particular problem.

Now, I know for me, this problem occurred recently, in the area of my business. I was trying to figure out, I was beating my head against the wall, trying to out how we could develop a formula that would actually allow our clients to get the most out of coaching, and marketing their business, at the same time, at a price that we could produce for everybody. And I just couldn’t figure it out. It didn’t make sense because of all the time and energy our team puts into building projects, all the money invested, it just didn’t make sense that we could actually bring something out. Then I stepped back for a second, and I said, “Hey, what would it be like if I was a kid? What kind of answers would I come up with?” And then after about five minutes of playing with the problem, I came up with the solution. And it was not a big deal, it was just an obvious solution. But I formed rules around how this situation should unfold. Rules around how I should be in dealing with business, and this particular problem in this industry that I was working on.

And so, I invite you to try on for a moment. Where are you in your Five to Thrive, running on old dogmas, which we’ve talked about before. We’re running on old rules that aren’t allowing you to see other possible solutions to a problem that’s in front of you. Now, you might be thinking, Doug, you know, I’ve listened to the Daily Growth Hacks for awhile, so I know there’s no such thing as a problem, there’s the only opportunity. And I’m with you, I’m with you on that, and it is all opportunity. But being more kid-like, more childlike, allows you to see more opportunities that are out there in the world. I recently had a call with a potential coaching client, now we don’t take everybody on as clients, it has to be a good fit for both myself and for the client. But obviously, if they’re reaching out to me, I had to make sure it’s a good fit for me because it’s a significant investment in time, in capital, in energy for the client, and also for me. Also for me as a coach, and also for my team of coaches.

So when I was talking to them about this, they had one particular problem that they were dealing with in their lives. And what they were doing is they had such a narrow focus on the problem at hand, it happened to be in their business, in this situation. And after talking to them for a while, I had realized that they have created a complex maze of rules, to navigate to get to the solution for their problem. After I showed them this complex rules or the complex maze, I should say. You saw them just light up and they almost looked 10 years younger, with just this few minutes of coaching, and this is just an introduction call.

Now, you can imagine why they were applying these rules to all areas of their life’s. And that’s when the light bulb went off in their head. And that’s where I told them, I told them what I’m gonna tell you right now, look at all your Five to Thrive and we can expand upon that, right? But I like the Five to Thrive. And ask yourself, “Where am I dealing with a problem that I’m just stuck in it because I’m looking at it with one set of rules?” Looking on it like an adult with blinders on, with I’m not looking at the total possibilities.

So I invite you, I invite you to be childlike with your Five to Thrive today. Do the work, but be childlike, think of it as home-play rather than homework, working on this situation. And I’d love to hear how it comes out. I’d love to hear from you. So many of you reach out to me and it touches my heart, my team. I just to hear, and I love to talk to you. So find me on social media, go ahead and reach out to Author of Your Own Story, and of course share this with at least three people that you know. I know several of you do this, right? And you write back to me and tell me, oh my gosh, I can’t believe, Doug, that just simply sharing this, how it’s opened up relationships and conversations in my life. If you’re having a problem meeting people, like-minded people, right? I hear this all the time. It’s because you’re not sharing these types of information, these types of shows out there. I’m not the only one that produces content but share it. Share stuff that you like with other people and open up conversations. It’s gonna allow you to surround yourself with better people for you, I should say, people that are also on a journey like you, and I want that for you. Build your tribe.

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