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Just yesterday I was having coffee with an entrepreneur and very successful business person. This person happened to be a chiropractor who had been in the practice for over 40 years. He developed several new technologies and had best selling books. But he moved his business entirely online. And when talking to him about his solution, he happened to have a solution for headaches and migraines that had been proven over years to get people permanent relief from this problem.

And so obviously I thought, wow, his sales must be through the roof. And I was talking to him and he said, you know actually I don’t get very many sales. I developed these funnels and all of these systems and done online marketing and hired agencies. And so I asked him, hey, what are your sales? And he couldn’t give me a solid answer. When I asked him why he said, you know what Doug, the agency that I was working with, they happened to be in the UK and they told me to really track my Facebook numbers. And I thought that was interesting, so well why your Facebook numbers? And, well, first of all, he didn’t know. They were running Facebook advertisements and I thought about it and I asked him another question. I said, well what’s your website traffic? How many people are coming in asking for a solution to the problem? Again, he didn’t know. He didn’t have a dashboard by which to run his business and to look at this.

Now, a long time ago I took a course by a guy named Keith Cunningham. And that’s where I learned to make sure that me and my business, I had a dashboard for my finances. Fast forward, now I have a dashboard for all areas of my business. My digital dashboard is what applies for this gentleman and it’s something that our agency at Branded Innovation and Fitness Marketing Alliance, we actually provide a solution for that where it’s a complete dashboard you can look at your numbers.

And for this gentleman when I was talking to him about that, I could see the frustration on his face. You see, he felt like he was beating his head against the wall. He was an expert in his field, but yet he wasn’t getting the awareness in the actual sales ultimately is what he wanted. He wanted to make an impact. He not only wanted the money and yeah, he wanted revenue and he wanted to make some more money. But he also really, really wanted to change the way people felt. He wanted to help headache and migraine sufferers around the world and he had a solution, a solution he told me is proven year after year after year to work. Satisfied customers. He would even give people their money back if it didn’t work for them. He said there’s just no problem, but yet he couldn’t actually track what was going on.

See what was happening is he was following the wrong numbers in his business. Now, this happens to a lot of us right? So I’m wondering, is there a possibility, suppose that maybe there’s a possibility that you might be tracking the wrong numbers. Suppose I’m tracking the wrong numbers. Tracking the wrong numbers in my mind, in my body. You know often times we look at people that come to the fitness world and they want to track their physical weight. But if you start working out, lifting weights, your weight might fluctuate in fact it might go up. If you start hydrating well, eating better foods and lifting weights, temporarily your weight might come up because you’re hydrating yourself. You might be gaining lean body mass and losing body fat. Scale weight is the wrong measurement. You know, I see this time and time again.

Also in your business, what are the metrics that you’re measuring? What are your KPIs or your key performance indicators? Maybe it’s your relationships. You know in previous daily growth hacks, I’ve shared with you that my wife and I often ask each other, how fulfilled are you in the relationship today, in this moment. Just so I know and give each other constant feedback. Making sure you have the right numbers to monitor and you’re actually monitoring these numbers correctly is the key to making sure you’re moving forward and progressing. This is the way you go to the author of your own story path.

So, in this particular daily growth hack what I want you to do is grab your journal, write out your five to thrive and look in each of those categories and look yourself, are you tracking the right numbers? And if you’re not sure, get help. You know if you need help in your business, get somebody who can make a financial dashboard for you. If it’s marketing, reach out to us, we can help you with a digital dashboard. If it’s an area in your relationships, make a comment in the author of your own story group and somebody will share a relationship dashboard that we’ve developed. Let us know how we can help you.

But the key here is making sure your tracking the right numbers. You see I don’t want you to be having coffee with somebody, looking across from them and realizing that you’re not achieving your goals because you’re really tracking the wrong numbers and going down the wrong path. And maybe you’ve been doing it for years. Let’s shorten that gap, let’s bridge that gap today and help you start going on a fast track to the author of your own story lifestyle.

As always, go over to, where you can get the latest tips, tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox. Also if you haven’t already, and you enjoy growth, growth in your personal life, in your business life, go over to and get on the waitlist for the Author of Your Own Story University that we’re re-releasing February 2018. I want to make sure you have an opportunity to get there, it’s jam-packed with information. We’ve taken information from the best sources around the world and condensed those into a systematic approach where you actually get homework and exercises. You get to play with these concepts on a much bigger scale. And of course as always, what I want you to do is go out and inspire someone simply by being the author of your own story.

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