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Last night I was invited to a men’s group. Well, it happened to be all men. The idea was … The gentlemen who started it wasn’t somebody I knew. I was invited by another attendee that was there. He wanted to start something called the Human Kind Project. Now, his goal was to bring people together who are interested in bettering both their body and their mind and their consciousness. He was kind of put together his manifesto, so to speak. As I sat around this table, everybody had ideas of how he should be doing this, how we should run this group or this movement, as he called it. As they’d gone down, and really, it kind of boiled down to a couple things. We were sitting around this table. Of course, there’s pizza and beer. I was sitting there chuckling to myself because one of the first tenets is health and wellness, but yet here was being served at this group of 12 men was pizza and beer. It was kind of ironic. But, anyways. You can imagine sitting across this group. The conversations were great. Right? The conversations that were being had were really intellectual, and I liked the juxtaposition that was being had and the push-pull, the arguments, and the safe space it created. At one point, I paused and I said, “Look, the Stoics believe there are two things you should focus on, and that’s it. Just two things.”

What the Stoics said is, “You should be a good person, and you should pursue a career path that you love.” Right? Two simple things. Everything else doesn’t matter. What the Stoics were talking about is really, in life, your pursuit should be a good person. Kind of like the Golden Rule. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Now, I love that. I love that tenet, and I think it should be taught more. I think we should all have it on our computers because we’d act differently. Right? But the one that doesn’t get talked about very often is actually pursuing something that you love. Now, I know there’s a lot of success gurus and business coaches out there that really talk about this and say, “No, no, no, no. You just need to grind it out. The whole pursue your passion, pursue your love thing is BS. It’s the secret. It’s woo-woo. Don’t even … That’s all junk.”

I disagree. I think you can do both. Right? I think you can actually pursue your passion and build a great business around it should you choose to. Right? So what I want to know from you is where is your life right now, where at anywhere in your five to thrive are you making things too complicated? Right? Are you actually making this huge list of things that you should be doing and not focusing on something simplistic like the stoics suggest — on two things, right? Be a good person, and pursue a passion or a career path that you’re passionate about. So grab your five to thrive and write this out. I know for me, earlier in this year, in this quarter, now as I plan Q2, my quarter one goals for my body were so multifaceted it was almost impossible. I wanted to increase mobility. I wanted to lose body fat, increase muscle mass, increase stamina and endurance. It was just too many things to focus on. In other words, it’s almost like an oxymoron. I was trying to focus on a lot of things. Meaning, I couldn’t focus on anything.

So I want to know for you, if you find this to be true like I did, are you trying to do too much in one particular category of your five to thrive? Grab your journal and look at that. Write out your goals and what are you trying to achieve in each of those categories. Then I encourage you to pick two things, only two, in each category. All right? Now, I get it. There’s five to thrive. Two is 10. You’re like, “Doug, I can’t really focus on 10 things.” Well, 10 little steps to get you to your goal, you can. I’ve done it, and I’ve seen it done with thousands of people. So I want you to give that shot and then make a plan to just focus on those two and only those two. Right?

So if you’re like me, my goals going into Q2 is really to focus on my mobility but also my nutrition. I had gotten off my nutritional path, and I’m getting back on it. Mobility, I find the looser I am, the better I feel, the more I want to lift weights or I want to go running. But if I focus on mobility and I focus on my nutrition, everything else in the category of the body seems to fall in place. I wonder if that’s true for you, as well.

So what I’d love to do is hear from you. Go over to the Get on our newsletter. But also get on the community over on Facebook, so you can share what you’re learning. I’d love to hear you. Meet other people that are on the path just like you. You need to step outside of your comfort zone and meet new people, and especially people who are living life at a higher level. Just like a group that I went to last night, what was great is I didn’t agree with everybody, but I liked the fact that these people were consciously trying to improve themselves so that they can improve their families, their communities, and then globally. I really respect that, and I respect you for being here with me today.

That’s it for me today. I will see you tomorrow. Go out and inspire someone simply by being the Author of Your Own Story.

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