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If you’re like me you’ve been watching the Winter Olympics, an amazing event where people from all over the world come to compete in the sport that they actually love.

Now, how come there are only a few people that make it to the Olympics? Well, that’s the difference between exhaustion and just being uncomfortable, right? How many times do I look back at my life that I’ve given up because I was uncomfortable? I pushed it to where I thought my limits were and then I just pulled back. Now I’ve done this in the areas of business, I’ve certainly done it in relationships, and I’ve done it in the areas of my fitness. As an ex-competitive athlete, I certainly have done it in a sport.

The difference between those that make it, successful people. Whether it be the Olympics, whether it be someone who is successful in a relationship, in their marriage, whether it be someone who is successful in business, is they’re able to understand that being uncomfortable is a mental state, not a physical state, right? When you’re uncomfortable you’re giving up, your body is giving up … Or excuse me, your mind is actually the one giving up, not your body, in the sense of working out, but this also happens in business, right?

How often as business owners or someone who has a business idea … I mean, come on, be honest with me, are you that person that tells your friends about these great business ideas that you have that just never seem to happen? We’ve all been there, right? We all know a couple people that talk about business ideas all the time but never execute. Why don’t they execute? They don’t execute because they’re uncomfortable, right?

As soon as they hit that threshold of being uncomfortable they sit down, they shrink themselves, they lower themselves because it doesn’t feel good to be uncomfortable. It’s not the right time, I don’t have the money, I don’t have the resources. We’ve heard all the victim excuses before, right? I’ve had them myself so I can relate to them, but the difference  between someone who is successful in business, for example in this analogy, is that they get to that place where they’re uncomfortable, they smile because they know the next thing, that little one percent difference makes the difference between success and someone who just talks about it. Then they push themselves to exhaustion.

That’s how stars do it. That’s how athletes do it, right? Same thing in the gym, right? If you’re going to Crossfit, if you’re going to Orange Theory, you’re working out on your own, maybe you’re doing pilates or yoga, right? If you push yourself just that little bit more, that’s where you see success, that’s where you see results, right? It’s that idea that maybe you don’t cheat on that one meal that you were thinking about doing. You know, maybe your family brings pizza in and you’re on a diet and you decide you know what? I’m uncomfortable but I’m going to push myself one more step and just pass on the pizza and have a lean protein salad or something.

Or again, in relationships, how often do relationships bring out that uncomfortableness within us, right? They trigger all our insecurities and so when you stand in that and kind of go wow, this is amazing, I’m uncomfortable here, which means the next thing is going to be growth. When you stand in that storm of being uncomfortable and push it a little bit further, that’s where the fruit is. That is where the ripeness is in any relationship because you’re able to navigate those waters, show that you’re committed to standing strong, and it allows you to develop yourself as a greater person within that relationship. Not only your partner grows by seeing how much you love them or seeing how much you’re able to stand in your power, but you do too.

You see, when watching the Olympics, it’s easy to sit on the couch and imagine how these are natural athletes. That’s just not true. A lot of them are very gifted, right? Yeah, they are natural athletes to some degree, but there are probably people who are a lot better athletically naturally than them, have better genetics, but these particular athletes have proven time and time again to embrace the idea of being uncomfortable and pushing through exhaustion and that’s why they’re champions.

What I want you to do today is grab your journal, grab your Five to Thrive, write them out and where are you just stopping at being uncomfortable? I know I’ve done this so many times in the area of trying to learn a foreign language, where it’s ah, it’s just uncomfortable because it’s taking time, right? I’ve done that. Where have you done it? Where about your body? I’ve learned over the years to embrace uncomfortable in exercise. I love it because I know on the other side of it I’m going to get stronger, I’m going to get bigger, I’m going to get leaner. I’m going to get all those benefits that I want.

I know in business it’s the same thing. When I’m uncomfortable, I love pushing through because I smile because I know that my competition is not willing to. They’re not willing to get uncomfortable, they’re not willing to push that next level, and that’s one of the reasons I’ve been so successful. Same thing with relationships. You know, I started a journey in relationships where I’ve really practiced being uncomfortable and it’s allowed me to flip the script so to speak on the way that I used to be. This is all areas, not just my romantic relationship with my wife but all relationships I have.

Then soul, right? Where are you doing this in the soul? Where are you stopping? Is meditation just uncomfortable for you? You know, I did a ten-day silent meditation. I can tell you that was uncomfortable but I did it because I was so uncomfortable doing meditation. I knew I needed to push it to that next level and this is exactly why I continue to hire coaches and mentors to take me to that next level and I invite you to do the same.

Grab that journal, write out where you’re feeling uncomfortable and your Five to Thrive. Then I want you to ask yourself are you willing to push it to that next level? Are you willing to take the next steps and be someone who’s not just talking about it but somebody who’s doing the work? Be one of those one percenters that achieve success and inspires the people around you by being the author of your own story.

That’s it for me today. I will see you tomorrow. Have a fantastic day. Go out and just do the work and inspire somebody because you will. People seeing you glowing and going after your dreams, you’re going to inspire people that you’ve never even met, never even knew, and that’s where the magic happens. Push through, make sure you get to that exhaustion, push through the uncomfortableness and you will see the fruits of the end of your labor. Have a great day.

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