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What is it that you stand against? Now yeah, it’s easy to talk about what we stand for, especially in the realm of personal and business development. That’s the warm and fuzzies but what is it you stand against because often times, I find for most of my clients, that is a better driving force. It’s the things that we actually stand against that separate us.

For you, it might actually be you stand against illiteracy or you might stand against what you would define as ignorance or you might actually stand against poor communication in the area of your relationships. Now, I don’t know about you but I know it’s true about me that, when I sat down and defined my five to thrive and what it is I stood against, it gave me the clarity to pull me through those harsh moments that happen in life. For example, early on in my relationship with my wife, we had arguments that would come back and forth and these arguments were on misunderstandings. What I stood for was clear communication but it wasn’t until I understood what I stood against that it actually pulled me into a place where I could actually stand in my power and be a rock in a relationship to allow us to communicate to each other better.

What I define that as I stood against me allowing or anyone allowing their ego and ignorance stand in the way of clear communication. That was for me. I would get so mad at something that she would say and we’d go and I’d kind of put my hands on my hip like kind of a high school kid it seemed like or whatever, “I’m not going back to her to apologize, I’m the man. I’m strong. She’s wrong. I’m right.” Once I stood against something, once I stood against that type of action, once I stood against people in general but especially me allowing myself to hinder what I was wanting. What I was wanting was connection and love. That’s when things started to change for us and our relationship started to change. Now, I’ve also stood against other things.

Now, in the area of fitness or my body, I stand against quick fixes. I get tempted like most everybody in the world. Marketing’s being thrown at us left and right, take this pill, that pill, you’ll sleep better, you’ll have better sex, you’ll look better, you can have pizza, ice cream and still have a six-pack. Whatever it is. They can be tempting at times but when I stood against quick fixes, it allowed me to transform my way of thinking, my paradigm shift even though I had the intellect and the knowledge. I had over 18 degrees and certifications in the fitness field but still, when I stood against quick fixes, it allowed me to drive forward, drive forward in a way that, when a quick fix would come my way, I wasn’t as tempted because it was something I stood against.

I’m going to ask you think question; if you feel any of this resonates with you, grab your journal, write out your five to thrive. That’s your mind, your body, your soul, your relationships, and your business. In each category, write down what you stand against. In the area of your mind, what do you stand against? Do you stand against people only have one language or one cultural experience so, therefore, you’re going to learn a foreign language or, do you stand against illiteracy, therefore you’re going to read, even though you don’t like it right now? Whatever it is for you, you can change it. I know you can because I’ve seen this happen with so many people. My clients definitely do this.

Once you’ve written that down, what you stand against, if they pull you forward, if you look at these and you’re like, “Wow, I’m really against this…” It could be something big, it could be child pornography. That could be an area that you stand against in one of your categories. That’s something that definitely would pull me forward and make sure that I’m going on the right path and it’s something that I’m just very adamant about and yeah. It’s a make or break deal for me in my world. Find those things for you. If they don’t move you at all, then that’s not really something you stand against. Find things that actually move you and pull you forward into your future.

Once you do it, I’d highly recommend printing this out, writing it, putting it on a notepad or something and putting it next to your computer monitor or someplace you’re going to see it regularly. What this is going to help you do is, by knowing what you stand against, you now start to take action. It defines who you are and makes sure these things you stand against are things that you want to. They’re pulling you towards the Author of Your Own Story lifestyle. Once you have those, I encourage you to share them. You could share this message here as well but share this with at least three people that you know. You can have conversations that matter, you can build your tribe.

I always recommend that you share these daily growth hacks so you can have these conversations and you can do that, that’s bonus points but share these things that you stand against and I guarantee, you’re going to open up conversations with people that you’re close to and maybe people that you want to be close to like you’ve never had before. That’s it for me today. As always, go over to where you can get the latest tips, tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox. Of course, you can always unsubscribe. We know how to do that but most of you, I love hearing from you. When you sign up for the newsletter, I ask you two questions and for those of you that have replied, thank you so much. You’ve given me an insight into your life and we go back and forth and I’ve built some great relationships with you and I really appreciate that.

The rest of you; get on it. The rest, make sure no matter what, just go out and have an awesome day. Be yourself. Be the author of your own story and step into your own light and inspire somebody else. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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