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How often have you heard that from somebody who makes a mistake, and they go, “What was I thinking?” Well, the truth is they weren’t thinking, and that’s why today’s tip is going to be short and right to the point.

The key here when making a critical decision is to stop, pause and breathe. Those three things in that order: stop, pause, breathe. So, what I want you to do when you’re making a decision or you’re trying to go about the rest of your weekend … and we’re filming this to be released in a Sunday … but what I want you to think about is thinking, right? So, stop and take 10 breaths. Now, I do this in important conversations and I also do this technique right before making any big decision. I’ll stop and actually sometimes sit down if I’m by myself in a meditative type situation, were I’m making a big business decision, but if I’m in a conversation and the conversation either gets heated or I can tell the other person’s emotional, what I’ll do is I’ll stop and take 10 deep breaths because actually speaking.

Sometimes this puts a little barrier as far as time between me and the person that I’m talking to, but that’s okay, right? That actually sometimes diffuses the whole situation. But stopping and giving myself those 10 quality seconds of a deep breath where I’m getting good oxygen into my body and pausing, allows me to think rather than just being led by my emotions.

So, I want you to try this today and see how it works for you, and I’d love to hear back from you on how this works. If something doesn’t come up, maybe you’re at home by yourself, go ahead and think about another time when you thought, “Oh, what was I thinking? I went out too late …” or whatever it was. Assuming you weren’t impaired, you know, went out drinking too much, but say something during the day or a conversation. Again, try that. 10 seconds, especially if you’re talking to somebody that triggers you. A lot of times this is going to be a spouse of somebody you’re in a relationship with. Pause, count to 10 internally before saying anything else. That’ll allow you to get control of your emotions and have the opportunity to think before you act.

That’s it from me today. As always, got to where you can get the latest tips, tricks and techniques delivered right to your inbox. Have an awesome day. I will something else you tomorrow. Go out and inspire someone by being the Author of Your Own Story.

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