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The topic of finances and money causes a lot of stress for most people, and we haven’t talked about a lot in these daily growth hacks, but we’ll be talking about it a lot more, and the reason is is because I want you to have the freedom that I’ve experienced around finances, and it took a long time, but one of those things was determining my financial legacy, and I’m going to ask you what yours is.

When I talk about your financial legacy, I’m not talking about a lump sum of cash that you leave behind after you pass this world, not at all. What I’m talking about is what is the legacy you want to leave where you’re able to do things with other people and the people that you love. You see, we just had a newborn. My wife wanted to get out of town, just to get out of the house. Here we are at a beautiful beach house overlooking the ocean, and we’re here for a week.

Another example I can give you is Lisa Nichols tells a story. Lisa tells a story about her and her son, when they didn’t have a lot of money, and they would get in the kitchen and cook together and make it fun because they couldn’t afford to go out, and she would be his sous-chef, and when she started working and coming up with this vision of her financial legacy, she was actually able to take her and her son to Italy to Cordon Bleu School and cook with master chefs where he was able to learn the tools and techniques to become a professional chef, and they laughed about it, looking back and remembering those days in the kitchen. Maybe you want to go out to the islands and sail on your yacht and take your family.

These all require financial assets or financial stability, so what is your financial legacy? What’s a legacy you want to leave? What do you want to be able to do with your family, your loved ones, your friends? Where do you want to take them? What options do you want to have? I have friends that actually take their families on vacations every quarter, and they always fly first-class. This might seem like an extravagance to some and just every day to others, but the reason they do it is they want to experience that luxury together and have that time where they’re relaxed by the time they land. First-class to them isn’t about just champagne and watching movies. It’s about being rested by the time you land at your location. In order to do that, he had to create a financial legacy, a way of having enough finances so when his family of five wanted to travel, he could just go online and buy first-class tickets and not worry about what the price was.

To me, having a financial legacy means financial freedom. I’m going to ask you today, grab your journal, what is the financial legacy you want to do? Do your kids want to play soccer and you could take them to professional soccer matches in Europe? Does your daughter want to be a ballerina and you can take her to the ballet? You want to take her friends all to one concert and sit VIP? I don’t know. It’s up to you. Remember, this is your story. Financial legacy to me simply means the ability to do those things that I want when I want to do them and be able to take my loved ones with me.

Write down what your financial legacy is. I want you to get clear on it because that’s how you achieve the results. Write this down and post it someplace that you can look at it every single day. By having a financial legacy, this will allow you to step into your story and be more of the author of your own story.

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