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How many times have you just been walking around the house or in the car and all of a sudden a song pops into your head? It could be a song from years ago or from yesterday or from just minutes ago, you just don’t know how it got there and you just start singing, humming along and moving to the beat. This happens to me all the time and I’m sure it happens to you.

What if instead of that song you could put something into your mind that’s going to help you move it in the direction that you want to go to? Move and pull you in the direction of your dreams and allow you to become more of the author of your own story and growing into exactly who you want to become.

Well, I found two resources that I’m going share with you that work for me. I really like it. One is actually on Amazon Prime Music. You can download the app, you can get Amazon Prime onto your cellphone and listen to it. Of course, you also can get it online. It’s included with an Amazon Prime account and many people have that. On the Amazon Prime account, you can go ahead and look for Motivating Music.

For me, when I workout, I really like what’s called Muscle Prodigy. Muscle Prodigy’s an album that not only contains music but also contains a coach talking. He’s talking as if he was talking to a high school athlete motivating him, telling him what he’s going strive for and go for. One of the lines with music in the background is talking about, “Hey you’re not the kind of person that actually does a sprint and stops right short of the stop line, you run through.” It’s very motivational, I like it. I mix it with music and it really pumps me up and gets me going. In my workouts, helps me get those extra few reps and extra few sets. Even today in the gym, it motivated me to do some extra cardio. I had an extra few minutes, and I said, “Hey, I’m going jump on it.” Because I had that playing in my ears and motivating me and reminding me of who I want to become and what is pulling me to be a better man.

Now another resource that a lot of people ask me about is, “Doug, how do I get meditation? Which app do I pay for?” There’s a lot of great paid apps out there. But there are also free ones. I personally use Sound Cloud. There are free meditations, there’s also free music and motivation on SoundCloud, but most people don’t fully utilize it.

For me, when I meditate sometimes if I want a guided meditation. I do vipassana meditation quite often if I can say it correctly, but I’ll also use SoundCloud and I’ll use somebody named David Ji. David Ji really works for me. If find it really good, they’re usually about 20 minutes as far as his guided meditations, give or take, but he’s also got several meditations that are only about seven or eight minutes. If I’m in a rush or short on time or something or I just need to relax and unwind for meditation and I really just want to tune the world out, I load up my SoundCloud and I put on David Ji and it really works for me.

There are two resources there right for you. One is for your workouts, one for meditation although they can be mixed. I know there’s a lot more. But remember, what is in your earbuds? What is constantly playing? Are you feeding your mind with bubblegum? Just pop music or whatever it may be that’s not really going to help you? Or are you feeding it with great information, with motivation, with something that’s not only going to push you but really pull you to be the author of your own story.

That’s it for me, we’ll share more resources in The Author of Your Own Story Facebook group. Have a great day and remember, be the author of your own story.

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