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We were talking this morning about a family member, a family member going through an extremely hard time. Where the conversation went up was like, “You know what? She’s only meaner, she’s only gotten meaner over time. And even though she’s going through this hardship, instead of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and actually being nice to other people, she’s actually meaner.” So the conversation went into, and my wife eloquently said, “Hey, you know what happens when bad times come around, is mean people get meaner, happy people get happier, joyful people get more joyful, sad people get sadder. You really go back to that set point that you have, and it just amplifies it.”

Now you’ve often heard this about money, right? You said, when you get money, if you were already a jerk, then you just become a bigger jerk with money. If you’re a really nice person, you just become an even nicer person, probably giving more to others. You know, money amplifies the person that you really are, but so do hard times. Hard times actually bring you back to that set point and amplify what that is. You see, this person is going through an extremely hard time in their life, and all they probably really want is everybody to rally around them. Except for, they’re actually being meaner. They’re actually being meaner to the people around them than they normally are. And they’ve always had a reputation of not being nice, of somebody being extremely, extremely hard to deal with and difficult.

And as they become sicker, and as they’ve gone through this difficult time in their life, they become meaner. And so, today what I want you to think about is, what is your metabolic set point? Not your metabolic set point, I’m sorry, but what is your set point? What is the set point you go to? Are you this person that always gets nicer? Are you the person that just gets a little bit more upset? Maybe you’re not as patient as other people, and when you get sick, how does that play out for you? Getting sick is an interesting time in our lives because we feel weaker, we’re more tired, and we’re a little bit more vulnerable. So who do you become when you get sick? That’s a great thing to journal because what’s gonna happen is you become richer, that’s gonna amplify. If you go through hardships in your life, that will also amplify.

So remember, sad people, get sadder. Mean people get meaner. Joyful people get more joyful. Who do you want to be as you create the author of your own story? I encourage you to grab your journal and write this out now. Be honest with yourself, be honest. I know with myself, I get less patient, and that’s something that I’m working on. Patience is a virtue, they say, and it’s something that I’m actually really working on myself. Because when hard times come, I actually get less patient with people. And really, it’s less patient with myself more than anybody else. So I want to ask you, where are you? And then write it down. And then once you’ve written that down, analyze it. Is this what you want for your life? And if it’s not, change it, and change it in this moment.

One small step makes a big difference. This is just like working out, that repetition is the mother of this kind of success. That’s it for me today. Remember, go to to get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques so you can uplevel your life and become the Author of Your Own Story.

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