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This morning, a weekend day, I got up early and actually did a few things in my business. It’s something that I enjoy doing. Of course, I journaled and did my morning routine. But then I went to the gym, I went to the gym and took part in an exercise class, one that I’ve been going to for several months. Now, this was the first time that somebody else actually showed up to the exercise class. Apparently, on Saturday mornings, nobody shows.

So the funny thing about this is, after that, I came home, cooked breakfast, ate with my family, played with my son, and then my wife and I decided to go for a hike, and we climbed one of the mountains here in beautiful Bend, Oregon. Now, we did this all in the day and actually ended up at a brewery where I had a beer and a burger and just enjoyed an afternoon. And so when I actually talked to several of my friends, because I posted something about it on social media, I got a flood of messages coming in, like I can’t believe you did that. Wow, that’s so amazing.

It was interesting, I turned to my wife and I thought, geez, you know, everybody’s commenting about how amazing this is, they’re sending me private messages on Instagram and on Facebook and even Linked In. And they’re saying geez, that’s just amazing that you took time out this year to do that. I thought, this year? This is normal, and I’m not saying this to brag, it just kind of blows my mind to think about that. And so I reached out to one of the people that reached out to me, it’s a good friend of mine, we’ve been friends for over 20 years, and I just said hey, you know like what do you do on a typical weekend? I’m just curious because you were saying how amazing my day is, and really it’s just normal for me.

And he said, wow geez, actually I slept in, you know, and then I kind of rolled out of bed and went on the couch and just kind of went over, checked the news, and just sat there a little bit, my kids were running around and doing their thing, and I just of just relaxed. The word he used is, I just kicked it, and just relaxed, and my wife, you know, she was kind of doing her thing. Around noon or so, we kind of got together to get the kids out, took them to a friends house, and then I came back home, and you know, kind of caught up on a couple of shows, and kind of just dinked around the house, Doug.

It got me to thinking, wow, what is your normal? What is my normal? Right, and oftentimes when I have these discoveries, these discoveries with clients that I’m working with, we’re just people that are going out there, and talking. You know, that are reaching out to me and telling me what’s going on in their lives. I love that. And I started thinking, what is my normal in my five to thrive? And is that okay with me? And so I started looking at it, and I journaled, and I would encourage you to do the same right, be your own coach.

So in the area of your mind, right, for me, in the area of my mind, what is my normal? Right. And is that good enough? Is that where I want it to be is the most important … So I wrote down what my normal is for me, and then I decided, you know what, that isn’t where I want to be. And so I’m going to make a shift, I’m going to make a change, and I actually started right away after I journaled that. And then what about, in the area of my body, what is my normal, and is that good enough for me?

Ironically, I was like, you know what? I could be doing more, as a matter fact I would like to be, mobility is something I need to work on, or would choose to work on. So I wrote that down and took action immediately. And then I said well geez, what about in the area of my spirituality? I said oh you know I’m good there, my normal’s actually pretty good for me. What about relationships? Yeah you know, I feel like I’m good there too, yeah, I could use some improvements, but I like my normal, in that area. And then what about business? What is my normal?

And I thought you know what, I could raise the bar there a little bit more too. And so I’m actually opening up my coaching programs. So I’m opening up for more clients, I typically only take five clients for a year, my full year program, I’m sticking to that, but in the other programs we’re just launching, from my own personal coaching, is I’m launching a six month and 90-day program. So, what I’m asking you to do is grab your journal, write out your five to thrive, right. And what I encourage you to do something, as I was working with a couple of my clients is, another category I work on is wealth.

Wealth can be anything that it means to you, but for most of us, it means our bank account, right? Our investments, you know, what do we have in the bank? And then write down, what is your normal? What’s normal for you? Is it normal for you to work out one day a week or six days a week? Or are you an iron man, or are you somebody that’s just happy to be able to walk around the block and play with your kids?

You know, whatever it is for you is good, right, it’s your story. And then write that out in your five to thrive, but ask yourself, is your normal what you want? Right? Is your normal what’s going to get you to the author of your own story lifestyle? And if it’s not, make a drastic change today. In this moment, never leave the source or place of making a decision without making a drastic change. That’s how we become the authors of our own story, and not getting stuck in somebody else’s story.

My normal’s going to be different than yours, in fact, a lot of people are going to look at my normal and say geez that guy’s a slacker, and some people are like wow, he’s just doing too much. Right, but that’s my normal, and it’s up to me. And as long as I’m living in my path, in my lane, I am going to be happy and fulfilled. And that’s what I’ve discovered over the years. And I want the same for you.

So many of you have reached out to me, and I love it, thank you so much for the messages. And, a few I’m backlogged on, and I apologize, but I’ll get back to you. You’re sharing your journey, right, and we talk about this. With my coaching clients as well. Is make sure it’s your journey and not somebody else’s. And then go after it. The worst thing in my eyes that could happen is, one year from today you’re in the exact same place that you’re in right now, and you don’t want to be. If you want to move forward, move forward. If you’re stuck, reach out and I’ll help you get unstuck, that’s what I do professionally and I’d be happy to help you.

As always, share this with at least three people that you know, so they can benefit from having this kind of work, and being their own coach, and make you accountable. And remember, listening to this is just digesting content, do the work, that’s the key here. Do the work, do the work, do the work. And you’ll actually thank me and thank yourself, which is more important.

That’s it for me today, as always, go out and inspire someone simply by being the author of your own story. I’ll see you tomorrow.

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