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I was speaking to a business owner earlier this morning, and the topic kind of went off the rails, as they typically do with clients that I work with.

Now, what we started talking about was plant medicines, right? Maybe you’ve heard of these. Some of the most popular plant medicines that people seem to be talking about now, are Ayahuasca, and other people call it yagé, right? Now, these are plant medicines that have been used for thousands of years by indigenous tribes down in Central and South America. Most notably Columbia, Peru and Brazil. Now, what we started talking about is, this business owner was telling me, “Hey Doug, you know, I’m very successful.” And he wasn’t saying, “I’m very successful,” but he is, and I already knew he was. He’s got a nine-figure business, he’s doing well.

And he was talking about it and he was saying, “You know what? I think what I really want to do, is I really want to go down and experience these plant medicines. I really want to experience Ayahuasca. I think that is going to make the change that I need to amplify what I want to do.” You see, he’s not happy being a nine-figure earner, right? It’s great and all, but he wants more. And truthfully, he wants more in all the areas of his life. All the clients that I coach all happen to be business owners, and they’re all looking for something greater. They’re all looking for something to step into. And, my clients that I work with for one year, those people are already successful in business, and are looking to be successful in all of their five to thrive. Although, we take it much bigger than that.

So, with him, he was telling me. He was like, “Doug, I want you to set up a retreat just for business owners, where we go down and experience the plant medicines.” You see, I have already done this. I went down to Columbia over a year ago and had an amazing experience with a local shaman. A rare shaman, a female shaman, which is really rare in that culture. And I was able to go through the plant medicines.

And one of the things that I realized when I was down there is, wherever you are, there you are. And what that means is, you can’t run, or chase, or search for it yourself. And it’s one of those things that we often talk about, right? Us as business owners in particular, but not everybody. If you’re not a business owner, this still applies to you. We often talk about how it’s going to be better when, you know? Things are going to change when I do this. Or, things are going to get better when this happens.

I often talk about some of these ideas ’cause I hear them a lot, when I get a bonus, when I get that new client, when I get the relationship I want when I go ahead and get that new car, things are going to be better, right? Or, when I drop the weight, then I can focus on my family. I hear it all. I’ve had the unique privilege of coaching thousands of people throughout my career, in different varieties, and different formats. But literally … Actually, tens of thousands when you think about it. And when I do that, I see patterns. I’d be stupid not to see patterns. And one of those patterns are people thinking that happiness or betterment is going to happen when something else happens, right?

I will be a better man when X, Y, Z happens. Or, I’ll be a better woman when this happens. We all have that conversation internally. Sometimes we share it with somebody. You share it with a coach, a mentor, or a confidant, or somebody that you really trust. And the truth is, right here, right now in the present, you are everything that you need. You are love, you are energy, you are passion. You have it all inside of you. Right here, right now.

Now look, you may be going through something right now in your life. You may be going through a hardship, a loss of a love, a business struggle, a personal struggle, a health issue. But I’m here to let you know right here right now, at this moment, you are perfect. You are perfect just the way you are. You see, wherever you go, if you’re going on a vacation, you think, “When I get on this vacation …” And, I just had a friend of mine get back from Hawaii. “When I get on this vacation,” he said, “That’s when I’m going to relax, and I’m going to get back, and things are going to be so much better.” It never works that way, we all know it.

Whatever you have with you, you take with you wherever you go. It’s you. And so, that’s why I’m such an adamant advocate for focusing on bettering yourself, right? ‘Cause wherever you go, there you are, right? That was coined by, I think a zen master, and I love it because it’s so true. I focus on business owners ’cause I see it so often as business owners, we really strive for that higher level, right? We really strive to make it. A lot of times we pour ourselves into our business in order to fill ourselves up, and it never works, right? You need to take care of all the areas of your life. But right here right now, in this moment, I want you to know specifically, you are perfect just the way you are, and you are love.

You’re not only loved, but you are love. That’s why you’re able to give out so much love at any time you want to. Don’t believe me? Spend a little time with a baby, right? A baby that’s just so in the present, in the moment, starts giggling and smiling. You will too, and it will reflect off of you. That baby’s love and joy will reflect right off of you, I don’t care who you are. It just naturally happens. It’ll break down those walls for you.

So, here’s what I’m going to invite you to do. Normally I ask you to journal. Today what I want you to do, unless you’re driving, or … But you’re in the gym, you can do this. You can step into the bathroom. If you’re at work and you feel embarrassed, go to the restroom and lock the door. No one knows what you’re doing in there. What I want you to do is stare into the mirror and repeat to yourself. Stare into your eyes. 10 times I want you to repeat, “I love you. I am perfect just the way I am right now.” So say it just like that. “I love you. I am perfect just the way I am right now.”

So I invite you to do this 10 times and see what happens. See what opens up for you. Stare yourself right in the eyes. Your eyes are the window to the soul, and I believe that. What I want you to do, is just with emotion, say that to yourself. And after the tenth time see what comes up.

That’s when I invite you to journal. I invite you to write it down if you feel so inspired to. This is a great practice and a practice I recommend my clients do each and every day. And you will see a shift. Now, what’s interesting, is you’re going to see a shift in everybody around you. It’s like all of a sudden everybody around you’s changed. They’re happier, they’re more energetic. People around you have all changed. The truth is, you are a reflection of what you’re putting out, right? The world is a reflection I should say, of what you’re putting out there.

And when you realize that you’re perfect just how you are, in the body you are. Your body is perfect just the way it is right now. Your mind, your … You are perfect. You are a perfect creation in this moment, and I want you to love yourself and realize that.

That’s it for me today. As always, reach out to me, find me on social media. I’d love to hear what you’re getting from these Daily Growth Hacks. And, if there’s something you’d like to hear, let me know. We’re coming up to episode 300 very quickly, and I committed to doing 365 of these. So I want to hear from you on what you want to hear, right? Think of me as your coach in your earbuds, or the coach on the video for you. Just give me a little extra insight, right? Just because you already know all these things.

That’s it for me today, I will see you tomorrow. Remember, go out and inspire someone by being the author of your own story, and do the work ’cause you are perfect. Take care.

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