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We have a different episode today because I received several questions – thank you all for your feedback.

I received several questions on, “Doug, what the heck is the 5 to thrive? You mention it in every podcast and every video. What is it?”

Well, if you go to we have several courses that lead you into a deeper dive in What Is The 5 To Thrive?

The 5 To Thrive is something that I base all my coaching on. I’ve been coaching and doing personal business development for many years. I’ve been doing it since I was in high school and am in my 40s now, so you can do the math.

But, what I’ve learned is there are five key elements to a holistic and successful life.

MIND… what do I mean?

Mind means bettering yourself. Reading materials, listening to videos, listening to podcasts like Author of Your Own Stories Daily Growth Hacks and putting them into practice, of course.

What are you doing to expand your knowledge base? What are you doing to expand yourself and your skills as a human being? That’s what I mean by mind.

BODY. Body is health. Health, wellness, and fitness. Now, I don’t consider any of those to be the same. I think you can be extremely fit, and not necessarily healthy. I have a diverse background in the fitness field with over 18 degrees and certifications and I can tell you first hand that I know a lot of really fit people who are not healthy.

So when I say body, I mean, how are you embracing your body, this vessel, this carrier that carries your mind and your soul right now? How are you embracing and making sure that it’s healthy each and every day?

SOUL. Soul is the one that most of my clients get caught up on as well as most of the people that I talk about. You know, soul can mean a lot of things to a lot of people and I’m certainly not here to put my Dogma upon you.

Soul can mean going to church for you, soul could be meditation, soul could be time in nature, soul can be spending time with your family that just really enraptures you and makes you feel good. Really, just anything that fills you up at a deeper deeper level.

RELATIONSHIPS. We’re all in relationships. I’m in a relationship with you, you’re in a relationship with me. If you have a significant other, kids, we all have parents, or have had parents in the past. We’re in relationships with coworkers, relationships with a person at a
coffee shop, etc.

Relationships make the world go round. Human beings are social animals. We were made to be social… that part is built into us as one of our survival mechanisms.

So, how are your relationships? Are they fake? Now, if you were to rate yourself in relationships from a scale of 1 to 10, what do you give yourself? You know most people when I first asked that question would say “Oh, Doug I give myself a 7, 8, 9, 10.” But when we really dig deep it comes down to how well people really know you. What are your relationships? Are they give and take? Are they give? Or do you lead with love? That’s what we mean by relationships.

BUSINESS. Now, business I think is really important. I have a diverse business background. I’m an entrepreneur. I do a lot of business consulting, that’s one of my main sources of income now with business. What are you doing to better yourself? Business isn’t bad. Money is not bad. It’s how you use it.

Money and business just amplify the person you already are. So, what are you doing today to help your business grow?

Now, if you’re not an entrepreneur or business owner, maybe you’re an intrapreneur. An intrapreneur is somebody who actually works within another business. It’s somebody that’s helping that business grow and helping themselves as well.

What are you doing to uplevel? What are you doing to make yourself indispensable in your marketplace?

Now, maybe you’re like a couple of my clients who are so liquid that they don’t work anymore. Okay, that’s fine! So when I say business maybe you take your philanthropy or maybe you take another big big goal you have. A BHAG. A “big hairy audacious goal”.

Now, I know some people use a “big hairy ass goal”, whatever you want to say. If you don’t want to do business, pick a goal that just scares you and really moves you and use that in place of business and that’s fine.

But for 99% of you listening to this or watching this on Youtube or any other video channel, what I really want you to consider is what in business can you do? And oftentimes that’s going be your take-home revenue, right? How much are you actually taking home?

How much are you actually taking home? What are you bringing home? What’s your bottom line? What are your business goals?

So that’s the “5 to thrive” and you want to have something in those categories every single day and definitely every single week.

Now, if you go over and take our 7-Day Free Course, it’s just an intro course that we filmed on how to start becoming the Author Of Your Own Story. Just go over to right now.

The course, right now as I speak, is free. It is in seven days and we dive a little deeper into this.

We actually set up a 30-day game, which is a challenge game that allows you to dive deep into that 5 to thrive in your own personal life and above and beyond. These are the exercises that I have clients who are paying me over six figures (my last client paid me $150,000 to work with them) do.

I’m not saying that to impress you but I’m saying that to impress upon you the importance of this, the importance of “The 5 To Thrive”. I take them through this exact same process one-on-one diving obviously deeper than I can with you right now, but I do this for 90 days. And every 90 days we rebuild their 5 to thrive based on long-term visions.

And of course, it changes. Sometimes people don’t always hit it, and that’s okay. It’s about the person you become on that road. So right now, something you can do is grab your journal, draw a big circle and add in the 5 to thrive. Divide five areas – so 5 triangles in that 5 to thrive – mind, body, soul, relationships, and business.

So each pie in that circle it’s going to be a name, where do you fall on a scale of 1-10 being – “oh my God, I’m just amazing”. If it’s body, “you’ve got the rocking body”…whatever that means to you, right?

It could mean:

  • a six-pack
  • you can run ultra marathons
  • you bench press 300 pounds

Or maybe for you body means:

  • the ability to play with your grandkids
  • the ability to do those everyday activities that you want to do
  • maybe it’s hiking
  • or maybe you’re in a wheelchair and maybe it’s wheeling around
  • or maybe it’s just taking care of your internal organs
  • maybe you’re battling a disease
  • having a green smoothie every single day, whatever it is

Where are you on that scale and be honest! You can only lie to yourself, right? No one else needs to see this journal. Be honest with yourself. Where are you on that 5 to thrive with each one, so mind, body, soul, relationships, and business, where are you?!

Now if you’re not at an eighth or above in any one of those categories, you need to dive deep and focus on that. You should be at eight. Life is short… I want you to have the best, so go ahead and put that in there and I encourage you to go over to our community it’s a free online community at you can find the link and share your numbers.

Share your numbers with those people. It’s a safe environment where you’re going to be with other like-minded people out here to better their lives and better the world. Because we’re all here for one reason, that is help others but also to become the Author Of Our Own Story.

That’s it for me today. As always have a great day!

On behalf of the whole team here remember, go out and be The Author Of Your Own Story.

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