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Today’s topic is when life gives you lemons –  put it in your water

Now, back in middle school I started reading fitness magazines and health magazines that my dad had lying around and I used to cut these articles out and one of the things that I read about was upon waking up, drink a solid glass of water (eight ounces or more) first thing in the morning.

Back then even, I started adding that to my routine and saw big benefits. I saw that when I hydrated myself I just felt better throughout the day. Now, then I didn’t know why and it wasn’t until college studying physiology that I actually understood the health benefits of it. That’s also when I started adding lemon to my water in the morning, mainly for the benefit of alkalizing my blood levels.

So lemon, actually, has a lot of benefits in your water and even with Ayurvedic medicine they talk about this, but one of them is aiding digestion, like I said alkalizing the blood, as well as cleansing the liver.

So just by simply getting up in the morning, grabbing a glass of water in whatever it is, maybe you’re a nalgene drinker I personally like big mason jars, that’s what my wife and I drink out of, and adding a squeeze of lemon.

I personally add a whole lemon in there and use a lemon squeezer, and sometimes just my hand, to get that juice in there. Now, I’ve read some studies recently that say “well maybe the lemon itself isn’t as helpful as just the water”. That’s fine, it certainly makes it taste better!

So I’m going to challenge you for this –  if you’re not already drinking a big glass of water upon waking up I’m going to challenge you to do this for a week and write down how you’re feeling.

So each morning,  you get up, fill up a glass of water or you can fill it up the night before, you want this to be room temperature, then add a squeeze of lemon in there. Fresh lemon is what I always recommend. Add that lemon in there, drink the water even before you have your cup of coffee tea or get out the door. This should be done first thing in the morning and write down how you’re feeling throughout the day. My guess is you’re going to have more energy, you’re going to feel more clear-headed and you’re just going to enjoy the day better.

I’d love to know what you think –  please join us in the Author of Your Own Story community and let me know how that goes for you. Of course, today’s show notes can be found over at and just as a reminder we’ll be updating the website daily so you can get tips and tricks over there and also delivered directly to your inbox through our Author of Your Own Story daily teachings newsletter.

Have a great day!

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