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Today we’re going to focus on your body. In particular, we’re going to talk about supplementation and we’re going to talk about magnesium. Magnesium is a mineral that most people in Western societies are deficient in.Magnesium has a lot of benefits. Some of the reported benefits are an increase in energy with a supplementation of magnesium. Calming of your nerves and anxiety, which is something that I can attest to. Help with digestion by relieving constipation. Now, this is also something to watch out for. With excessive magnesium supplementation, it’s actually going to act like a diuretic.

Make sure you’re reading your instructions as it does happen to a lot of people with overdosing magnesium. I’ll talk about that perhaps in a little bit. Also, relieving muscle aches and spasms. The reason that is, is it helps regulate levels of calcium, potassium, and sodium. Your muscles work on what’s called the sodium-potassium pump. Also, there has been reported benefits for heart health, osteoporosis, as well as migraines.

My wife and I, who is also a health professional and life coach, we both take calcium and I have no representation of this brand which is Natural Calm. It’s got a raspberry lemon flavor. We take that in the evenings before bedtime. Helps us relax and we feel we sleep a lot better. Again, I’m going to warn you, when I first started supplementing with this particular brand of calcium, being a typical guy, it calls for two teaspoons and I put heaping teaspoons in with the “More is Better” attitude and it drained me. It drained me because it does act like a diuretic. I won’t get into those details but I will tell you it is something to be careful of.

A lot of times with, what we’re seeing is modern farming and agriculture, mineral depletion of the soil is so great that we’re losing magnesium in most Western diets. I originally heard about this back in about 2000/2001 from a guy named Charles Poliquin who is a very famous strength coach. I started supplementing with magnesium back then. You’ll also notice that magnesium is often put into a lot of sleep supplements. Because of that deficiency that we have in our bodies, it really helps us get a calm state and really relax into sleep.

So, that’s my tip for you today. I highly recommend checking out supplementing with magnesium. Of course, I’m not a medical professional, so consult your physician before starting any supplementation program. I think you’re going to find that magnesium in the evenings as well as potentially in the mornings is going to help you through out your day.

That’s it for me today. September 1st we’re excited to open up our University. This is going to be limited to a number of people so make sure you get on the wait list to get the latest information. Have a great day and remember to be the Author of Your Own Story.

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