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Now, this is a quick tip, but something that’s really easy to do. We all know the power of inspiration, the power of inspirational thoughts, inspirational movies, inspirational images, yet how often do we lose these inspirations right after we see it? Maybe you see an inspirational image in a magazine or an inspirational movie, and then after leaving, a day, two, three, four days later you lose that inspiration. Well, inspiration comes and goes, but one quick thing that you can do, right here, right now, today, to increase your odds of getting inspired, is by adding inspirational images to your desktop as well as to your phone backdrop.

Now, if you have an iPhone you have a lock screen and a back screen. Now, if you have a laptop, of course, you have a background to that laptop. Now, often times when I’m talking to a client I’ll have him do a screen share with me. I’ll talk to him first about what inspires them, what drives them, what is the passion. When you are tired or you don’t wanna go anymore, what actually moves you to move forward? Now, often times this can be family, right? This could be children, this could be loved ones. But also, for a lot of people, it’s the sense of travel, adventure; it’s that trip to Paris or going overseas, backpacking through Asia, or it’s running a company as a digital nomad. Whatever it is for you.

But when I look at their computer screens, they often have an image of something totally different. They’ll have an image that they just think looked okay at the time. But yet, they’re seeing the background of their screen on a daily basis, often times 20 or more times in a day. Now, if you look at their iPhone, maybe it’s an Android, you know, maybe you have a cute picture of a puppy or something like that in the background, but why not change that to something that inspires you? Something that’s always in your mind.

And I think of it this way, how often are you just walking through your day and a random song from years ago pops in, and you just start singing it? The reason is, is repetition. You’ve repeatedly heard that song, and something triggered, something you saw or thought about triggered that memory, and now all of a sudden you’re singing the song from the ’80s. Maybe it’s The Go-Go’s, or maybe … Who knows what it is? But the point being is, it’s subliminal, and you can leverage this tactic, this use of repetition, to subliminally conscious your mind, and draw you towards something.

So maybe for me, it’s the Author of Your Own Story logo. I had that on my background because I wanted to inspire more people, I wanted to bring these little tips to the world. Yeah, I love training clients one on one, but I realize not everybody can do that, so this was my chance to do something about it. And of course I was running multiple companies, so I put the logo on the background of my screens I have three screens at my office, and I did that, and it just made me constantly in my mind, of like, “Yeah Doug, you can carve out an extra hour this week to do something for Author of Your Own Story, to help people move forward, to be pulled in the direction of their dreams.” And that worked for me.

And then, later on, I changed that inspiration. Now I have a picture of my wife and my beautiful child, and that inspires me, ’cause there’s often times that maybe I’m just a little tired, or I wanna go outside, and I have the flexibility of a free schedule, so I can go do kinda what I want when I want. But I’m just like you, I get distracted, or sometimes I have too much going on, I get overwhelmed. Maybe I’ve had too much coffee. And then I’m just like, “Ah, forget it, I’m gonna go do something else.” I close down my windows and there’s that picture of my beautiful wife and my beautiful child, and it reminds me of why I do what I do.

And so, then I can come up with the choice: what do I wanna do in this moment? Do I wanna go spend time with them, is that available to me at this moment, or do I wanna finish this project I’m working on, because that’s gonna free up more time, or more revenue, more money coming into our businesses, that we can go out and do more trips, or do more epic things. That gives me more inspiration to move forward. And I’ll shift that picture around; maybe next year, or next month, it might be something different that’s pulling me in that direction.

The point is, I have that repetition, where I’m seeing my phone every time someone calls, I see that image, or I’m on my computer working, I see that image, over, and over, and over again. Often times I’m probably not consciously recognizing the image, but by seeing it over and over again, it inspires me to take action. It is the song, so to speak, that plays in my head over, and over, and over again, with repetition. And the next thing you know, more often than not, I end up with those items. Whether it’d be a trip, I’ve put trips on my screen. Whether it’d be something that I actually really wanted, which was my sprinter van. I wanted a 4×4 sprinter van converted to the ultimate outdoor recreational office slash home, where I could go anywhere in this world with this van and do whatever I wanted; now I own it. It’s just absolutely amazing, the power of this can’t be understated, and I hope it works for you.

So pick your inspirational image, do a Google image search if you need to. Go to, and go to Google images and search for an image that inspires you. Look for those key terms. If you need suggestions, go to the Author of Your Own Story group, so you just, click on community, and you’ll actually be able to talk to the community and get some inspirational ideas. Get some ideas that you can put on your screen, or maybe resources. Maybe somebody else has been on that safari to Africa and they can send you an image, and you can connect with them, thus furthering the conversation towards your goals.

That’s it for me today. Remember, go to, where you get the latest tips, tricks, and techniques, as well as exclusive videos and courses, just for our subscribers. Have a great day, and remember, go out and be the author of your own story.

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