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Change is hard. Don’t get me wrong, change is great and necessary to grow but its really touch.
Trying to change too much by changing multiple habits simultaneously is extremely hard. Unless you don’t have any bad habits which is absolutely no one.

Said no one ever!

If you’re ready to make a change that’s awesome but beware. Trying to change too much at once can do more harm than good. A strategy I’ve used is to write down some bad habits that you want to change. Pick one and just focus on changing that for a month. Once those bad habits have been replaced with a good one then focus on another bad habit.

I recently spoke with a friend who was trying to quit smoking, lose weight and gets in better shape. He was given a prescription to help quit smoking. I told him to just focus on quitting smoking for now. Don’t worry about anything else and just work on that. After a month or so if he feels like he’s in control of and not smoking is an automatic habit then start focusing on some other habits to change like nutrition or exercise.

Don’t try to change too much at once. Take things on one thing at a time.

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