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Maintaining a relationship is difficult, which is why many don’t work out in the end. In order to maintain a strong a healthy relationship, both people have to put in a lot of effort.

Some habits that may help include:

  1. Working on communication. There’s a reason why people say that communication is key! Talking is the best way you can communicate ideas between you and your partner.
  2. Respecting one another. Respect your partner just as you would like them to respect you. Respect their insecurities and listen their opinions.
  3. Spending quality time with each other rather than spending more low­-quality time together. Yes, in this case, it’s quality over quantity. Those memories are going to be the ones that stand out in the future.
  4. Spending some time apart. Time and space is also very important for a relationship. Relationships are exhausting and everyone needs some alone‐time.
  5. Appreciating one another. Appreciate what your partner does for you, a thank you has never hurt anybody.

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