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I had a lab professor in college who said the 3 most important steps in completing a lab were:

  1. preparation
  2. preparation
  3. preparation

He mentioned it so much, it got annoying. I was 20 years old and considered him an asshole, so I did not pay attention or give his talks much merit.

Yeah, my bad, professor.

Now, I see how right he was, and how this applies to EVERYTHING. Not just in labs, but in life.

Preparing an exercise or workout plan is a big one for me. Planning a career change, a move, a vacation, how to save income, etc. works so much better when planned out and prepared for.

I’m not saying “Don’t be spontaneous at times.” It’s fun to do things on a whim, and see where life takes you. However, if you’re looking to grow and improve, you need to ask yourself, why? Like author Simon Sinek says in his book “Start With Why.”

Why are you trying to grow? To help yourself.

How are you going to grow? Take time to figure that out. Plan and prepare. It may take awhile but it’ll make your growth that much better.

-Victor Reyes

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