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Did your grandmother or some other elder in your family ever say something like: “Drink your milk, it will help you grow up big and strong”? In our culture, milk seems to be this elixir of health that provides many benefits with no downside costs to our health. This could not be more false. Milk, along with many other high-caloric drinks, can be harmful to our health. The reason? Think about the time it takes you to drink a glass of milk and the time it takes to eat an orange. Drinking high-caloric drinks like milk quickly floods our bodies with sugars and fats with no fiber to regulate the absorption of these calories.

The result is a spike in blood sugar, which can cause problems like diabetes, daytime exhaustion, and other endocrine-related issues. There have also been multiple studies completed attempting to link drinking milk with a reduction of broken bones and increased growth. All studies have shown no such relationship exists. Animal milk has evolved for thousands of years to be beneficial to a specific species at a specific development stage. Children and adult milk-drinkers are not only a different species, but are also in the incorrect development stage to be drinking dairy milk.

For a more detailed explanation about why diary milk is not as healthy as you might think, check out this video.

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