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Have you ever gotten out of bed with every intention of having a good and successful day? Then you’ve probably also experienced getting sidetracked and distracted by your Facebook news feed or your instagram wall. Let’s be real here, you’d much rather finish your work for the day early so that you can enjoy the rest of it as soon as possible. Now, how do you set yourself up in the morning so that the momentum carries on throughout the day? Here’s some tips!

  1. Do some exercise.
  2. Meditate.
  3. Make a NOT‐To‐Do‐List.
  4. Listen to an empowering podcast.
  5. Wash the dishes.(I know, this one sounds sketchy, but the logic behind it makes a lot of sense!)
  6. Think about what your 2 goals for the day are.

By following this morning routine daily, you will notice an increase in attention and emotional balance.

Read more about why these tips work. 

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