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Setbacks happen. They are a part of life. What’s worse than the actual setback is the guilt and quitting on a goal that can follow.

Instead of thinking: “I messed up, time to move on, and get back at it!” We think: “I screwed everything up and what’s the point of even trying anymore. I quit.”

A setback doesn’t mean that life is over and you should give up no matter what you’re trying to accomplish. Whether is be personal, business, or any other type of goal, do not give up because you hit a rough patch.

I’ve had a lot of setbacks, beat myself up over them, and then quit things that I shouldn’t have. The biggest lesson I learned is you cannot stop setbacks from happening. Life is unpredictable and they happen. You can control how it effects you with the actions you take once it happens.

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– Victor Reyes

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