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Contrary to popular opinion, positive thinking is an important skill that can be acquired, rather than being an innate attribute in some people. Positive thinking can benefit the mind in many ways. It can increase creativity, initiate the pursuit of new skills, and of course, increase happiness. Here are three great ways to train your brain in the art of positive thinking:


Research has shown that people who regularly meditate experience more positive emotions than those who do not. Meditation creates a sense of mindfulness in your daily life so you can get more pleasure out of the small things.


Record a positive experience in a journal at the end of each day. This task will train your mind to look for the positives throughout your day which will elevate your mood.


Schedule time to have fun in your daily life. Explore. Experiment. Do something that you thoroughly enjoy. Allow yourself to smile and have a great experience.

To learn more about positive thinking, check out James Clear’s article here.

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