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Imagine you are fighting for your life…you just got hit in the face hard by one of life’s many punches. So far, you’re not winning this fight and it’s not looking at all like you are capable of defending yourself. Suddenly, your face hits the cold and firm canvas floor. Your eyes: closed, your body: in pain, and your soul: defeated. You are knocked out.

How are you supposed to get up and fight back at life?

What is your motivation at this moment?

Where is your inner will?

What is the fear that holds you back from getting up from that canvas floor and back into this “fight?”

Remember it’s you against YOU in this life. YOU are your biggest opponent. Work with yourself and you can achieve legendary greatness – work against yourself and you will never get back on your feet.

So, I ask you – What’s your comeback?

– Shaun Zetlin

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