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Permission to do the things you’ve always wanted to do! Permission to get that promotion. Permission

to lose 10 pounds. Permission to have fun with your kids even when other things needs to get done.

Permission to become the best version of you.


This means you may also need to give yourself permission to accept these permissions.


Hm. That might be the hardest one of all. How can you give yourself permission if you don’t believe that

you deserve it? Ok, regroup. Start with giving yourself permission to believe that you deserve peace, joy,

and a life with less suffering.


We live in a society where permission is a big thing. We grow up with it at school and at home; in the

workplace, we’re frequently asking permission. It’s just how we roll as humans. So, of course, it’s easy for

the need to get permission to extend into our subconscious.


Repeat after me: “Hello, self, I give us permission to be our own boss and to accept permission from us

to be as great as we can be.” (Feel free to not have multiple personality disorder, but just read this as a

cheeky self-motivation speech.)


Where are you withholding permission from yourself to grow to achieve to experience? Do you need to

start at the beginning and give yourself to accept permission? Are you holding back because you don’t

think you deserve it? These are the questions that only you get to answer, and the answers are the

permissions that you alone get to give.

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