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[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Chandler Walker

What do you do when you’re in a 9 to 5 and you are READY to be done and create something on your own? What is that first step? How do I increase the positivity into my life and make sure I am surrounded by meaningful relationships?

In today’s episode, we answer all of those questions with Chandler Walker.

Chandler Walker is a husband, a father, and currently starting up his 6th business. Today he dives deep into his upbringing with a mom who has BiPolar disease, how he consciously chooses who to spend his time with, and the importance of mindfulness in running multiple businesses, being a father, and husband.

[BODY] You Gotta Make Time To Play

Life is about FUN and about PLAY. It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in our day to day and focus on the hustle and grind. Yet, when you make a point to schedule in PLAY into your regular schedule – you will see a HUGE shift in your overall mood….and productivity! When is the last time you played?

[MIND] Making Excuses Vs. Being Resourceful

Have you ever experienced going after a result, only to experience hitting a major roadblock? What do you when you hit that roadblock? Do you choose to give up and end your pursuit, or do you use your resourcefulness to figure out other ways to gain hit your desired outcome?

We have all experienced this at some point in our lives, and now with this awareness, you can catch yourself in the moments when you are letting something stop you from what you want.

[MIXED BAG] What Are You Doing Next Weekend?

In this episode, we get a quick little insight into what Doug does when he has a self retreat. He talks about reflecting on the present year and planning for the next one and the structure he uses to do that.

We all need time to reflect, rest, and dream. Doug gives us a few real-time steps on how he does that for himself and how we can take it on to create our own time of reflection, rest and dreaming!

[MIXED BAG] How To Be Superhuman

How do you become superhuman? Why do some people seem to excel and others don’t? It’s a matter of taking what seems impossible and make it possible.

What is something you feel is impossible? Watch today’s growth hack to see how you can make it your reality.

[BUSINESS] Round Hole, Square Peg

I own two marketing agencies and our average client is paying us anywhere between 1,700 and 15,000 a month in reoccurring cost. Now, they see the value in this and our actual ability to maintain a client over a course of several years is extremely high. However, over the last six months, we decided we want to make an impact for smaller businesses who couldn’t afford our services.

[RELATIONSHIPS] Daily Affirmations

Today’s episode answers a listener’s question: “Doug, what’s the deal with daily affirmations? Are they a joke? Are they real? Should I be doing them, or should I just throw them out the window? There’s so much conflicting information out there.”

In this episode, we learn that daily affirmations are excellent. It just really depends, like anything, on what you do with them. If you’re ready to take your life to the next level – listen to this episode to set yourself up for optimal success, DAILY.

“I get angry and pull away”

“You see Doug, I’m so embarrassed saying this because my wife is the most amazing woman in the world. I love her so much… but… when we don’t have sex for several days, I find myself getting angry and pulling away from her. She doesn’t deserve that. What’s wrong with me?”

[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Overcoming Trauma with Gina Johnson

Imagine this.

You’re a parent of 3 kids, you’re training for a marathon, you live a healthy lifestyle, and all of a sudden…you have a heart attack.

What kind of place would that put you mentally?

Well, this is exactly what Gina Johnson experienced.

While being in the hospital for a few days after learning she had a heart condition, Gina quickly found that there was little conversation happening online around what she experienced and how to navigate it.

This inspired Gina to take matters into her own hands and create a podcast where she not only spoke with people who had a similar experience but where she talked about the deeper mindset and emotional shifts that occur when you experience something traumatic.

Gina has created a successful coaching business, is the host of a successful business, and is doing some incredible top secret work in her community.

This interview will inspire you to get off the sidelines and jump in fully!

Shipping off to war.

Shipping off to war. I've never done it, but after talking to friends of mine that have, they've told me what I've suspected - they get their affairs in order before departing. They don't know if they're coming back or not. They take the time to tell each family...

[BODY] Doing the Impossible

Whether you believe something is possible or impossible… that is exactly what it is. Are there things that you have deemed “impossible” for you? Do you wish you could accomplish these things? If so – let us teach you how you can step into the “impossible” and accomplish the dreams you never imagined possible for you.

[MIXED BAG] Letting Things Go Too Long

Today my wife and I got into a little dispute. Now it wasn’t really anything bad, but we were actually talking about time and we had a disconnect. We were both tired, hungry and we had a disconnect over who should do what in regards to watching our son. Now it wasn’t bad and we were able to come together in about an hour or so and reconnect and talk about what was really going on for us. What were the triggers?

[MIXED BAG] Investing In Your Identity

Are you willing to invest in yourself? In today’s episode, we get real and we talk about the ways you may say you want a better body, a better relationship, a better sex life, a healthier self relationship, yet are not willing to invest in that part of your life. If you feel that any part of your life isn’t as great as it could be, you won’t want to miss this episod