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During my morning meditation, a thought came to mind.

I’ve always had the most success when I was having fun.

This is true as an athlete, where I felt like I was in a state of flow – in the moment. The game seemed easier to me and I would laugh (which would worry people).

This is true in my marriage. When I chose to simply be the CFO of our relationship (the Chief Fun Officer), then our love seemed to magnify and the bond between us would get stronger.

This is also true in my business. When I chose to “play” with my work, time seemed to slip through and money would come in more readily.

Is it really this easy?

It certainly is when times are good, but what about when times are harder? Can you still have fun?

If not, then why not?

If yes, then let me ask you a question – are you having fun with all three areas mentioned above in your life now?

Try it and let me know how it goes.

Play hard… or soft… doesn’t matter as long as you play. ?

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