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[MIXED BAG] Being Found Everywhere

Today’s daily growth hack is for anyone trying to build their personal brand, build their businesses’ brand, or generate more quality leads/sales. In today’s episode, we talk about something that not a lot of businesses/brands are doing….which is being EVERYWHERE. You could be missing a huge portion of your target audience by simply not being where they are. Find out how to effectively get in front of the people you want!

[RELATIONSHIPS] Evening Breakdown

We are all in relationships and there are tools to implement that can help ensure you and your partner, roommate, family member, etc. have a healthy and transparent relationship. There are so many things we can do to check in and ensure we are fully seeing, supporting, and celebrating those we are in a relationship with.

In this episode, we talk about one specific tool that will help bring your relationships to a space of transparency, authenticity, and honesty.

What’s your #1 top priority?

What's your #1 priority? Really. What is it? Not your, "this is what I wish it were" #1, but the real #1 priority. About six months ago my wife and I hired a coach. An intimacy coach. We hired her not because anything was wrong, but because we both have been coaching...

[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Curt Mercandante

What would your life look like if it were centered around your FULFILLMENT?

This is something that Curt Mercadante dives deep into.

Curt has been on a jounrey of being in politics, then running a successful 7 figure- PR firm, to then leave the success behind to pursue a life of more alignment and fulfillment with his coaching business.

In this episode, Curt talks about untapping your superpowers, why what some of the most successful people do may not work for you, and how 70% of your work day is probably BS.

[BODY] Injury Can Be A Blessing

Anyone who has been on a personal growth journey knows that no matter how much internal work you do, triggers happen. In this episode, Doug talks about his experience with an injury and the very deep triggers that showed up for him and how we can all deal with our triggers that show up when we least expect it.

What if you only had 4 hours?

If I only had 4 hours each day to work on my business, what would I do with that time?

You only get those 4 hours and no more. What do you do to maintain or grow your business? Write those answers down.

[MIND] Listening To Words

Are you looking to take your learning to the next level? One way we have talked about increasing your learning amount is with audiobooks, yet many of you have been asking about other options. Doug gives you a secret tip for those books that don’t have an audiobook yet or if you do not have an audio app.

[MIXED BAG] Sharing Is Caring

Today’s episode is a listener’s Q&A where we answer your questions directly in a daily growth hack. Today’s question is: “I am actually wanting to get my family involved and have them listening to this, but I just can’t get them engaged. I recently found that you have these videos on YouTube and they’re actually extremely dynamic. I want to get these videos to them, but I don’t know how to show them other than getting them all around the computer. Any suggestions?”

[SOUL] INTERVIEW | Chandler Walker

What do you do when you’re in a 9 to 5 and you are READY to be done and create something on your own? What is that first step? How do I increase the positivity into my life and make sure I am surrounded by meaningful relationships?

In today’s episode, we answer all of those questions with Chandler Walker.

Chandler Walker is a husband, a father, and currently starting up his 6th business. Today he dives deep into his upbringing with a mom who has BiPolar disease, how he consciously chooses who to spend his time with, and the importance of mindfulness in running multiple businesses, being a father, and husband.

[BODY] You Gotta Make Time To Play

Life is about FUN and about PLAY. It is so easy for us to get wrapped up in our day to day and focus on the hustle and grind. Yet, when you make a point to schedule in PLAY into your regular schedule – you will see a HUGE shift in your overall mood….and productivity! When is the last time you played?

[MIND] Making Excuses Vs. Being Resourceful

Have you ever experienced going after a result, only to experience hitting a major roadblock? What do you when you hit that roadblock? Do you choose to give up and end your pursuit, or do you use your resourcefulness to figure out other ways to gain hit your desired outcome?

We have all experienced this at some point in our lives, and now with this awareness, you can catch yourself in the moments when you are letting something stop you from what you want.

[MIXED BAG] What Are You Doing Next Weekend?

In this episode, we get a quick little insight into what Doug does when he has a self retreat. He talks about reflecting on the present year and planning for the next one and the structure he uses to do that.

We all need time to reflect, rest, and dream. Doug gives us a few real-time steps on how he does that for himself and how we can take it on to create our own time of reflection, rest and dreaming!