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We talk a lot. We text a lot. We send messages and comments. We give and take a lot of words. We’re communicating, but what are we saying?

I legitimately think that if we pause (actually pause) for a moment and listened to what our soul wants and needs we’d hear that we need more than the fluffy conversations. In all that communicating are there conversations that lift you up and challenge you, feed you, and push toward growth?

Finding people or even just someone to share thoughts beyond pleasantries and delve into the meat of life. Hold each other accountable to goals and commitments. Someone to explore and encourage the things that are nestled in your heart with you. These kinds of relationships can be hard to find! But start looking if you don’t have someone on deck. Some on you can trust 1000%, someone who can offer an even platform free of judgement on which to lay your journey.

It’s not always an easy relationship to be in, but I promise it’s beneficial. Having a team mate to talk to candidly without judgment and with honesty affords space for you to start the process of gaining clarity on yourself, your life, your passions, your goals, and ultimately what your soul really needs to be whole and healthy.

The relationship may or may not be reciprocal. Some times what an amazing human like this can offer to you, you may not be able to offer back. That’s ok. As long as everyone is clear about the purpose and expectation.

My favorite part about this relationship in my own life is looking back on the ground we’ve traveled together. Looking at how these intentional conversations have paid off and I’ve grown in the intentional direction of the things my soul truly loves. It’s a gift and a blessing. I hope everyone gets to experience this! Who in your world can offer this kind of intentional conversation to you?

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