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If you’ve ever been told, “Love your neighbor as yourself” as part of a demonstration about being less

selfish raise your hands. *thousands of hands go up* Yep. That’s what I thought. So before you tune out

because your emotional baggage is screaming at you to run away from this church lecture HANG

TIGHT. I have a new way to look at this that will help unpack those bags.


What’s the whole phrase? “Love your neighbor as yourself.” So, love other people the way that you love

you. Break it down further; treat people the way you treat yourself. When you look at that realistically it

can get weird real quick because I for one am not super nice to myself all the time.


This means that I would have told my friend that I think she’s not worth that paycheck. And I would have

told my dearest love that his hard work isn’t going to actually make a difference in the world. I would

also have NOT forgiven my friend for being late, and I would hold all my friends to impossibly high

standards of perfection. The concept is not, “Love your neighbor and loath yourself.” Nor is it, “Loath

your neighbor and love yourself,” because without the balance of love breeding love you won’t have

love to give to the people around you.


UH YEAH, GUYS. There are two crucial concepts in this deceptively simple sentence: selflessness coupled

with self-care. “Love your neighbor as yourself.” That means in order to be ABLE to love other people you

have to love you. I’ll wait while you think on that a sec.


It’s a loop. A cycle. A full circle of behaviors. If you want to be forgiven first you must forgive yourself so

you can then forgive others so that you can then be forgiven. If you want to be loved first you must love

yourself so that you can then love others that you can then be loved. I mean really, take that sentence

and insert any of those lovely feels we as humans crave and aspire to.


Unpack that bag of resentment, failure, shame, and hopelessness that so many have associated with

“Love your neighbor as yourself” because I am giving you permission to recycle it into a life-giving

mantra. As you go through your day notice your response to people: defensiveness, anger, resentment,

gratitude, love. Then find where in yourself those feelings and sensations trigger from. NOW you have a

fighting chance at identifying where you get to offer yourself love because without loving yourself you

can’t love your neighbor.


Love on your hurts, your wounds, your dark places and cultivate joy by living a life full of love for

everyone; yourself included.

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