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Today’s Insight

Right or Happy?

What’s more important to you, to be right, or to be happy?

When you hold onto your position in a disagreement with someone else, notice how hard you hold to your belief. Are you defending your stance with impunity?

This can happen in relationships – toilet seat up vs toilet seat down, who’s responsible for taking out the trash and when, or are you supposed to make the bed immediately after getting up vs making the bed at all.

This can happen in business – people should listen to what I say every time as I’m the expert, or emails should be returned within two hours vs important communication should be done on the phone and not via email, or perhaps one I hear often from coaching clients – I always have to redo everything my staff does.

This can happen in any area of your life and seems to come up most with those closest to you. The questions are typically small and seem to have a repeating pattern.

The more you are holding onto your belief of being right, the more you should consider that it’s time for you to realize that it’s not about the belief, or about the other person… it’s about you.

Take a moment after reading this to identify a belief that you have been fighting for, especially if it’s one that has been repeating in your life and ask yourself the following:

Does believing this make me happy and my life better?

Is my belief an undisputable fact – meaning no one could dispute it?

Is this belief I’m holding onto so strongly really about the issue, or is it about something else?

If you answer yes to any of those, then take a few deep breaths, and let it go. Choose to come up with a compromise rather than a conflict. Choose to be happy rather than right… it’s a healthier way to live.

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