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You get to choose when and how you respond to anything; this is your invitation to embrace emotional empowerment!

How much time is there between the moment when the person in front of you as the gas pump blocks both pumps and when you officially hate them? How long is the moment between when you get cut in the Express Lane by someone who clearly has 25 and NOT 15 items and when you are seriously irritated?

It’s zero to rage in negative seconds for many of us. Which really helps with the whole stressed out, too much cortisol, and sleepless night thing. Wait, no, that’s peace. Peace helps with stress, cortisol, and sleep.

But how to create peace? How do you lengthen the moment between the antagonistic moment and the reaction?

By noticing. Noticing you’re getting angry. Simply noticing takes a little time. And while you’re noticing you might observe details that delay the rage. Maybe in the moment, it takes to notice your gas pump frustrations you get to see that the person at the pump is elderly. Then in the space of time, it requires registering your grocery angst you see that the person in front of you has an infant and looks a little sleep deprived.

Taking that moment to observe yourself affords time for compassion, patience, and yes peace, to kick in. Because when do you feel peaceful? In the quite times. So take those quiet times with you in your day. Give yourself permission to take a beat before you get angry – your sanity and sleep are worth it.

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