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The heater doesn’t kick in until it’s cold. At my house, the thermostat is set for 70. The temperature falls below that, then the heat kicks in. We like it that way in our home, and my wife and I are also conscious of the other thermostat in our minds.

Our mindset can be like a thermostat – changing when we hit highs or lows in our thinking.

A typical example of this is the entrepreneur who is doing well only to find themselves burning it all down subconsciously.

Back against the wall, they fight to get back on top. The underdog story plays in their mind. They are Rocky, and the world is Captain Ivan Drago.

To the outside world, they look like the hero, building new businesses and revenue streams. Inside, they are frantically working to find another way to get back on top.

It’s a cycle… a pattern… and my guess is you can relate – inside of business and in our personal life.

The secret is the thermostat.

In the above analogy, the entrepreneur hits a certain level of success and instead of breaking through to the next level, their thermostat kicks in and ensures their temperature is brought back to normal.

Only the thermostat is your mindset, and the temperature is how well you’ve trained that mindset.

Thermostats break. They go haywire. They can always use an adjustment… an upgrade.

You see, in my house, I can wear a jacket to make myself warm, but when the temperature drops below 70, the thermostat will still kick in.

I can complain about it being too warm. I can blame the temperature outside for being too cold. But nothing changes until I adjust the thermostat.

When was the last time you looked at the thermostat in your mindset?

Here are a few ways you can tell if it can use a tone up:

  1. Do you notice a pattern in areas of your life, such as business, relationships, or health where things seem to be going really well, then all of a sudden they turn to crap? Then you rebuild that area, and things are good again,… until they aren’t. The pattern repeats. Time for an adjustment.
  2. Do you find your bank account to be about the same no matter what you do? You get a raise, you make more money, yet your bank account has about the same amount of money in it? Time for an adjustment.
  3. Do you find that you workout hard, eat the right foods, and just when you start to look and feel good you self-sabotage only to find yourself saying “I know better!”? Time for an adjustment.

We can all use an adjustment from time to time. This isn’t the warm-up for your life… this is your life. It’s game day. Time to adjust the thermostat.

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